Story of the Cocaine Bear

Ghost Town


It's a tale of drugs planes parachutes in one. Unluckier this epic crime story centered in knoxville. Could soon be coming to the big screen. I read sometimes. Entertainment trades to see what's happening and i saw that elizabeth banks it is in the public arena. This information is out. There is developing a movie about cocaine. Bear and i vaguely remembered something about cocaine bear. I couldn't really place. It did some googling and went down outrageous wormhole that we're going to talk about today. Cocaine beer was briefly. Famous in one thousand nine hundred five when it was found dead in the wilds of kentucky after eating roughly fifteen million dollars worth of cocaine but that is just the tip of the iceberg on september. Eleventh nineteen eighty five and old man in knoxville. Tennessee woke up and went outside where he found the corpse of a man in his driveway. The body had goggles on. It was wearing a bulletproof vest and was strapped to a parachute. The body also had some other interesting features a couple of handguns and fourteen million dollars worth of cocaine on just your everyday morning in knoxville. The man phoned the police and when they arrive they identified the dead body as undersea thornton. The second the wealthy son of an elite kentucky horse breeding family former paratrooper narcotics officer and lawyer. Who left all these jobs. Because they were too boring he left them all to become a drug smuggler. For a ring. Known as the company thorn had received a purple heart after an injury in the dominican republic. He was deployed there during the revolution thornton for real dot board of his life and decided to. It's like the bigger rush. Decided to do more dangerous work than he already was doing which was already very dangerous. On september ninth thornton embarked on a mission with bill leonard. His karate instructor turned bodyguard. The pair hopton assessment for four airplane and flew to mont monteria colombia with plans to pick up four hundred kilograms of cocaine and smuggle it into the us

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