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I've always been so curious about what it takes to keep a relationship going when you're married to a rockstar. Someone who was on the road and touring all the time. Someone who probably has groupies sars very excited when the opportunity came up to interview john oates of whole nuts and his wonderful wife. Amy this is the beginning of their story. Because i'm also curious how do you meet a rockstar in the first place. Where are they. Because unless i was interviewing them i've never just run into a rockstar like on the street. Mrs this is how john. And amy met leading ladies for my literally. Just broken up with the person and i was like. That's it all kinds turks and then another friend decided. Hey let's go out. There's this charity tonight. And and edita. And then john he walked and you would just finished a year long tour like japan just a world tour right and it was almost a year and a half we were on the road and i was completely burned out and i just wanted to go into the mountains and disappear janet's one into a room but he's not dressed like a rockstar. He's wearing fall on mountain. Man gear like hiking boots. Probably even a backpack. He just looks like down-home rugged so that was my first impression was struck up a conversation. I'm the youngest. Seven grew up on a farm and my brother like heavily until like fishing this netting and so when john and i were talking he was just so down to earth just talking about when he was a kid how he would go fishing at the at the creek and just just really cool. So my empathic self is like Soul connection. Of course. I i stood up and she thought she thought i was still sitting down. Which didn't go over that well because she was expecting like this strapping six footer. To stand up and sweeper off her feet onto not the case. But i'm gonna let i'm gonna let amy take this. Well i i thought well. Shucks here's like a really really nice guy. And i just even think i just thought it was one of those times in colorado where john was performing and there were charitable events in this whole week and this whole circuit just keep bumping into one another and i saw him perform at this one of the split. This great club the belly up in aspen and he was he was performing there he was heading on out and he had guitar in hand head down to the ground walking up the steps out the exit and i was like hey great set. You know and he was just kind of like walking by and he was a so bashful. I think that was my draw. He just seemed introverted. Just very genuine bash phil and just kind of doing his own thing and i was like hey. Would you like to have a cup of coffee. I work over at this place and cheeks of aspen. On hyman avenue can't make up and it was the swimsuit store and so any who's he. I said oh please by. He never showed up but around five the next day he did call he called and he asked for aiming and the boss. The owner of the store said well who may ask. Who's calling honest. John john lewis. She said john. This is judy lucas. We grew up. We were on the same swim team together in grade school in north wales pennsylvania. You're here we a little mountain town aspen colorado. And they're on the line together. We away from each other. Yeah this is just crazy coincidence. Judy from north. Wales gotten divorced the year before to quite frankly i was not looking to be in a relationship in fact i needed to spend some time by myself. It's one of the reasons i went to aspen. Colorado says living on the east coast and things just weren't going well for me in new york. I been in on the east coast my whole life. I just moved into this little condo and basically sold everything. I had and i wanted to start over again so for me. It was it was just kind of letting letting things happen. Just seeing seeing where the where the world was gonna take me and luckily for me. I met a little back story. John had just gotten a divorce. He came to aspen to hide out. And he'll and be by himself and figure out who the hell he was after having this really intense career for such a long time he also just broken up with someone and she was not looking for a relationship but isn't that when a soul connection always happens. It's true one of those things that is very true. Is that you find someone when you're not looking for someone and tell the kids all the time not my cats but you know the kids. The generally the kids john. Amy went to the movies. Judy lucas from cheeks. Vouched for john to amy. She was like he is a very good guy and you should definitely go to the movies with him. That date led to another date but john was still figuring out all of his stuff all of his baggage so they'd go on dates but then he'd go off and he'd do things like helicopter skiing and hiking but he would always come back to amy and then we just got closer and closer together. I remember. I wanted to get out of my little condo and we rented a little cabin a little tiny mining shack. There was on the property of friend of mine and right at the edge of town and we rented that little shack and we. I guess checked up on. That's the way to the same year that the two's had love shack love shack bay and we kind of hung out in this little shack for i guess about a half. A year literally was shining literally padlock on it. It wasn't more than it couldn't have been bigger than three hundred square feet. It was tiny. I had a fox at the time and it was one of the only properties that had walden area secure backyard so it was super teeny tiny. But i was like. This is great for the fox fox as a pet. And when i met her actually one. I saw in walking down the street and aspen. She had the fox around her neck. Elected wear minx. stole something. The live fox. The real box around her neck and that was pretty. I was very impressed with that. I now here is a unique gal right here aiming i started. We really spending time together. We went back east. I still had a house back in connecticut at outside of new york city and i was in the process of selling it. I knew that once. I sold that house that i

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