A highlight from Real-time Voice Changer - Jaime Bosch & Alex Bordanova, Voicemod


A super great this impacts everyone. Welcome to the voice tech podcast. Join me carl robinson. In conversation with the world leading voice technology experts discovered the latest products tools and techniques and learn to build the voice out to the future. Hello and welcome back to another episode of the voice tech podcast. My name's karl robinson and today we'll be talking all about real time voice manipulation and voice augmentation in today's episode recorded in may two thousand twenty one. You'll hear me talk with heim. Bausch the co founder and ceo of voice mode as well. Alex bawden over the director of audio experience at voice malt so two guests. We're gonna get some fantastic details about voice mod. What his voice voicemail. It is a development studio behind the massively popular real time voice manipulation and open tation application and soundboard provider of the same name available for windows. Pc which is of course the gaming platform of choice. They are based in valencia staying. I think i'm saying that right whether they've quietly amassed a community of a amid seventeen million registered users since its inception pretty impressive They've quickly become the number one choice. Among users who want to create a unique powerful sunny identity whether it's while they're playing games or during content creation dungeon mastering or just hanging out with friends online as you can imagine voicemails been featured in many top techniques provocations venture. Be life hanker. many more.

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