Is Urban Meyer Taking a Gamble With Tebow?


The biggest story in the nfl right now. is tim. Tebow and the jacksonville. Jaguars on friday afternoon. The jaguars sign boat to a one year. Nine hundred fifty thousand dollar minimum deal as a tight end. His jersey makes up the top five selling items on the nfl shop dot com store. Now figure that out and to me urban meyer's really running the risk of losing his locker room here because if you talk to people inside the league if you talk to executives and other coaches there's a lot of genuine skepticism over urban meyer becoming. Nfl head coach generally. And there's a sense that it's four more likely that he flames out and never wins a playoff game than it is that he winds up winning a super bowl when this experiment bringing in tim tebow not necessarily even as a quarterback you have trevor lawrence. They're bringing tim tebow into that locker room in two thousand and twenty one and having him sing for his supper is a tight end. There's a belief that meyer runs the chance inside the league of losing his locker room before this season even begins

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