The Power of Justice Centered Parenting With Rachel Alva


I neo me. I'm andy how are you good. how are you doing. I'm good good good. Well we are very excited to have rachel here today. Hi how are you hi. i'm doing well. Thank you so much for having me. We're so where would you like your story to begin before. I jump into my story. I liked start by sharing. That i'm calling in from the stolen land of the coast salish peoples also known as the pacific northwest. And i say this to thank and honor those who have for thousands of years protected and cared for the land but now sustains me and also to draw attention to the reality that none of us were born into a culture of justice. Sometimes when i share my story there are parts. That might sound like sensational or shocking. But nothing in. My family's history is particularly surprising when you consider that i live in a country that was built on much worse stolen land and the stolen lives of enslaved people and for those most egregious things to have occurred. Violence in harm. Had to be normalized all kinds of ways throughout our culture so my story. I'm going to begin before i was born. There are a lot of people who came before me who shaped my life. But today i want to zoom in on my grandma audrey So audrey was sixteen in the early nineteen sixties. When she got pregnant she married my grandpa. Jimmy who was twenty six at the time. She gave birth to my uncle and then a year later when she was only seventeen. Gave birth to my dad. And i don't know what happened with audrey jimmy or where he was when one night. She went out partying with friends. She left her toddlers at home with her. Mom migrate grandma to babysit and she didn't come home right away when she was expected. how long her mom waited for her to come home but her mom called child protective services and they removed the boys and from what i can tell place them with a family for adoption right away

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