Toyota Tundra Leaks, Honda and Porsche Debuts


At under a rabbit hole. Actually we have many rabbit holes to follow because there's a new wrangler version any ways. There's a new honda civic of version anyways and we're gonna talk about some summertime. Funnier later on so summertime superstars. It's podcast time. I'm christopher smith across the ways. Chris bruce. It's been a week man. Yeah today today has been the longest week of head. Yeah i know you've had some issues but hey we're rambling about cars and cars and it's all good so let's ramble away. What are we. What are we going to get into i. There's a let's start with the tundra stuff. Because although the tender hasn't debuted yet the tender kinda sorta debuted. It's sorta did and and to give toyota credit. I have big shout for toyota for what they did with this league because our team. Yeah that was brilliant toyota. Well played. Yeah i'll have an image here in just a second for a youtube pokes but basically to to kind of tell the story. It was friday or thursday of last week. Oh what was thursday. I think anyway. If you haven't an okay you got. I was about to pay about article up to so that was. I can't remember if that was thursday or friday regardless. A bunch of folks started recording on a toyota tundra images leaked out. We didn't put them up immediately because we were subject to the embargo. And you know we we all try to play nice with these things but it was kind of one of those things where the snowball just kept on rolling and rolling enrolling and there was a point where it just had to be covered and toyota as you said to. Their credit just came out yeah here. Here's the image of the exterior. The new everyone else has leaked it so we might as well just put it out there to not pretend that. There's still an embargo in place and that's and to be clear. That's what we're looking at right

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