A highlight from Big Suey: Christian Eriksen


Who's the craziest guest who think the shows ever had rich. I and richard lewis the ad. The iron sheik is a great shout. Poor richard lewis turned down. The marathon is recovering from surgery. Still sox everybody else to die It does stink. There's there's an opinion equal ever get past it. He will die in danta Everyone always thinks they're the generation in. You're gonna figure out something i th. I think we'll probably in our lifetimes prolonged death by amount. But i don't think we'll make it like out of the questions. Do god's when you were twenty. How long did you think you were going to live. And how long do you think you're gonna live now when i was twenty. I i remember saying. I'll take like saw the upper seventy five right now. Yeah maybe the secrets quit societies. Figured it out and they just haven't

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