A highlight from Morning Joe 6/14/21


I think we have a lot to discuss terrorism and things and congratulations. show off. thank you we have to deal with this Make covid nineteen. We have to face of kansas crisis. Climate change and and for all these issues. What we need is corporation. And i think it's great to have the us president of the club and bay willing to cooperate. And i think that what you what you ministries leadership is partnership no wrestling very nice french. President emmanuel macron without arm-wrestling. He's happy not to be locked in that. Vise grip joe former president trump. Did you see that. He was holding on june city. I tell you it was attention convention welcoming the us. Back to the club at the g seven meeting today. President biden is at the nato summit where things will likely again be different. They were with the former guy. It's all leading up to biden's meeting with russian president vladimir putin in two days. We're gonna play for you. What biden is saying ahead of that summit and kearse simmons exclusive interview with vladimir. Putin is just ahead. It is fascinating. Plus benjamin netanyahu out his former aide neftali bennett. In as the israeli parliament approves a new government after twelve years really shocking development. This was of course his second act And i spoke with. Richard haass over the weekend while this was happening and haas said many people are saying. Don't discount the possibility that benjamin netanyahu still has a third act and him that coalition talk about a disparate group of leaders together with with with different factions. Coming together with one goal and one goal only getting benjamin netanyahu out of power removing him. This is prime minister but it is going to be a very fragile coalition. That's going to be fascinating to watch as we move forward and richard haass joins us and just a bit to talk about that. Also world leaders wrapped up the g seven summit over the weekend pledging to face adversaries to gather president biden urge the leaders to take a harsher public stance against autocratic countries like china and russia the group of seven leaders also agreed to work together to combat continuing corona virus global health crisis and climate change. Also over the weekend. Queen elizabeth welcomed president biden and the first lady to windsor castle after also meeting with him at the g seven on friday biden and the queen were greeted with an official honor. Guard military parade before heading inside for t- nbc's. Sarah harmon

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