A highlight from GSMC Soccer Podcast Episode 223: Euros Knockout Stages!


As well as previewed. What would happen. For the bracket like sobers author pussies would go through and in this episode going to break down the rest of matchday. Three run talk. I'm going to date dedicated segment to the knockout stages. Then from there. I think we might have a little bit of time for some transfers not. We don't have any but brennan Ruinously see how much we can fit into this. Excuse me so sit down. Relax get a nice drink next to you rented this nice action packed up sober in africa today. So thou further do. Let's get right into it. Now matchday three was pretty eventful. There are some great games on As well so real quick. I'm just gonna go over what What games happened We'll probably do this at two. Different segments about chrishell scotland czech republic england sweden poland slovakia spain portugal france hungary germany. So real quick. Go over one all those real quick And then yeah from. There will move on rwanda the knock them seizures preview each match. We'll see l. on that time takes we'll we'll from there so let's get into it so the first match. Croatia scotland This kind of from the second half of matchday three this this team. These teams were playing an off. The start kreuzer dominated the ball. Kind of push scotland back in a nice school from nickel of lasette these week things pronounce his name scored very early on the seventeenth. Minute nice easy goal Into the bottom corner. I think because i'll talk about the other goal later Yeah right to the bottom laughs but the other little mantra school talking about ridiculous creature took a very early start with a lot of pressure Again scotland are out really well and then a lesser kinmen scored early which was kind of a little bit against run a point but it wasn't then from there kind of back and forth pressure Antony got injured. I'm pretty sure he had to go on. I'll scott mccann. I came on in so poor him. He was feeling good. He looks like he struggling An later on actually. We'll twenty is a minute. After that substitution the new defender sobbed don gets carted which is actually great but then later on forty second minute callum mcgregor equalizers with a lovely goal to park almost exploded. I swear to god But they basically roberson crosses. The dan mcgregor gets up. Gets a strike. The right pass leave a leave a message. I think we've a kovic strike in right into the bottom corner and nothing could have really done about that and then later on the second. Half luca madras absolute beauty in the sixty. Second minute like raw. Ricardo charisma could eat your heart out my god. It was great. He basically madras outside the right foot right into the top left corner off from not the kind of twenty five yards. Our at the top of the d. was great and i thought that goal is definitely one contenders for the tournament. I think shakes is also another contender for goal of the tournament later. On after some saabs. Croatia finally seal home silently seal. Second place will lovely girlfriend. Yvonne peres perissich. He had he puts modules tillerson incident. Near-post per se will just give up here and tyranny. Put the right in the back of the nice header as three one and from their skull and trying to make some phrase back down. the field. boches wasn't enough and scholar. Just dumped out very early on in real quick talking about some of the Kind of facts from this match. Saillant abandoned eliminate the group stages in all eleven of of their appearances at major tournaments. Which is kind of unfortunate and again silent are strong. But they don't always have the strongest like they give kind of lumped him pretty tough groups group with czech republic operation. England would have been really tough on croatia progress through the group stages at three consecutive major. Tournaments haven't really progressive their opening games. Three out of the eight times of at such tournaments violently. Scotland lost consecutive matches at him. Depart for the first time since one. September twenty nineteen against russia belgium. I on the way qualifying for this. So how unfortunate for scotland. I thought they played great Again i didn't do that often with their possession Will mcgregor was real nice but Croatia just lethal inefficient in the l. Show in their stats shots. Six on target sixty seven percent possession. Such under forty two passively percent pass accuracy compared to scotland's eleven shots with three on target thirty three percents possession. Three hundred and eight passes with a seventy eight percent. Pass accuracy again. Show khokar this Croatia team is snuff out the ball with that win. Took them off on goal difference to plus which was eager the czech republic. But i'm pretty sure the incas the out more goals for so Trump's up above and choke Third however as we'll talk about the next game checks in public. Aw was as long as you didn't need another one. They were pretty much good to go through and be one the best four and they did. We'll preview what through they're gonna play upcoming so yeah. I think great job by croatia again. Luca madras kind of inspired his team because they did not start off grade zero remember. They lost very early on the Crucial is very early on england and then proceeded to draw with the czech republic and all the if they draw in scotland. Both of them would have been eliminated and there was a must win game and especially a pretty decent margin and the that exceeding able to get such a victory so good for scotland. They're able to go for. Croatian scouring shoes me. It's a little bit early as recording this. It's been a long day on.

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