A highlight from 06/14/21 DPS Hour 3 Mark Jackson


On this monday hope he had a great weekend. More phone calls best and worst of the weekend which is sold that you like to didn't like talk to the great analyst for the mothership mark jackson. He will join us coming up. Seventy sixers hawks game tonight. Jazz clippers game for as many times as we've seen kawai and paul george in the playoffs. You'd think that we could figure them out. But the clippers still remain one of the more baffling teams in the nba. Last year. They blew a three one series lead over the nuggets in the bubble this year. They seem to be more comfortable playing from behind. They were down to the mavs. They lost those two games at home. Came back to win. In seven second round they drop the first two games against utah before blowing out the jazz in game. Three coed in playoff paul. Were both at the top of their games and they look like they were. The higher seeded team not jazz. George seems to be putting his playoff struggles behind him at least for now but it's hard to trust that los angeles we'll take a step back in their next game. Good luck trying to figure this team out. Because i have no idea. What clipper team is gonna show up in this next game. Poll question mclellan. What do you have for me today. Okay so our to was Who's coming out of the east. Milwaukee kind of ran away with it. Here's a poll question. I hesitate to bring up. You're going gonna think i'm anti yokich but but you are. I am but that's besides. The point does the fact that he lost his series in four games waterdown. Mvp award no. It will now immediately that reaction but they weren't a great team. They bordered on being a good team. He's probably not going to win another. Mvp he probably isn't it's like dirk nowitzki dirk one is one and then they bowed out in the first round of the playoffs. Did it take away from him. Winning the mvp. Yeah in the in the moment. Yeah if you were voting for mvp. Today chris But that's not the way the award works. You have a postseason. Mvp and you have a regular season. Mvp chris paul was brilliant and he did it from mid range. Mid range jumpers. It's not a lost art now. Here's chris paul on his mid range game. Hold these last couple of games. Offices took it up to another notch particularly with admit brains game. How important is the game. Still in the game to me. You know some years ago. Play the clippers. The whole league went to this dry defense. Not a man. And i was like what y'all going to give up trying to perfect it. I love it. I mean there is an area there. It's either that the rim or it's a three point shot and he and kevin durant shoot mid range jumpers there and and if you know they're going to allow they're going to allow you to take that i mean they're gonna contest but if they say l. you're gonna shoot a to in today's nba. Yeah fine with that. Because we're going to be shooting threes. His teammate devin booker owns a very very valuable jersey. After the sun's eliminated the lakers from the postseason devon booker got lebron james's jersey. Lebron signed it to him and that might be the last game wore number twenty three that lebron ever wears when you think about it because he's switching to number six. I don't know the value of that but the value of sports memorabilia has been crazy as of late. A lot of it has to do with trading cards but lebron is going to switch to number six and number twenty three. Looks like it's going to be retired. But he gave that to devon booker. And i can only imagine like if i'm lebron do i go. You know on second thought. I promised it to my one of my sons. And i feel bad. he's crying. I need to have that. That jersey is going to be worth five. Hundred thousand dollars will be worth more ten years fifteen twenty years down the road. We're seeing a lot of this jordan memorabilia. Coming back now now. The documentary helped that. But i'm guessing that that is going to be a very very expensive jersey. Also novak djokovic bitch gave his racket to a young fan and they've already had estimates of twenty five to thirty thousand dollars for that racket that he used to win the french open.

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