A highlight from Hour 2: Nets lose Game 4, Kyrie Irving

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We'll make our picks as we get up with you in this hour. Starting right now with the game of the day next game four janas zonta comp- up trying to bring his team into a tie with brooklyn and this is just a bad news for the nets in the second quarter. This is really where the entire season may have turn. Watch kyrie irvings ankle. He goes up. It comes down and this looks bad. We're going to show it to you again. It is white on the foot of and you see when that ankle hits the floor. That's as bad as it gets right. Ankle spring here from a leaker with an update. In a moment. Milwaukee i five at the break and then with no kyrie in the third quarter. It's all box. Oh jrue holiday between the legs. Theon blocks ten third quarter now winding down box up nine. That's chris middleton beating the third quarter buzzer with a tough shot. Milwaukee twelve point lead over eight minutes left if twelve again and jonah's in transition where they had of speed he had thirty four points and twelve rebounds under four minutes left out. Just keep an eye on you on. I just got jogging. And then while he's not dragging anymore throw it up and he'll throw it down. Katie had eight and thirteen but it was too little blocks win it. One zero seven ninety six. We're all tied up at two. We got all kinds of problems in brooklyn. Here's the headline in today's new york. Daily news one is the nets loneliest number the nets could be down to just one member of the big three with kyrie down james harden still in doubt here's what maliki andrews had to say earlier here on get up while the returns on his early

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