A highlight from 06/14/21 DPS Hour 1 Dennis Scott


To go. Dennis scott turner sports. nba analysts will join us. We'll recap what happened over the weekend. Mark jackson espn nba analyst. A little bit later on sun. Sweep the nuggets. The joker booted thirty seven for chris. Paul utah and the clips. Utah two games to one. Seventy sixers hawk seventy sixers up two games to one bucks nets tied at two apiece. Tonight seventy sixers hawks game four jazz clippers game for as well. We never learn our lesson right less than a week ago. Everybody was busy. Crowning the nets as the next champs the lakers no longer in the playoffs. Who's gonna stop the nets. Even if they only have two of their superstars. Were writing the obituary for the milwaukee bucks but after down to being in a hole in game three in fact you can make an argument. Brooklyn was to possessions away from taking a three seriously on top of that already. Banged up nets may have lost kyrie irving with that ankle injury. James harden's already out so hard to know what to make a brooklyn now. It's kevin durant time. You wanna be lebron james here you go. You got your opportunity. Milwaukee seems to have found an answer though to k. d. p. j. tucker given credit frustrating kevin durant book star the greek freak dominating game four supporting cast playing better tides turn momentum is turned milwaukee has shown that There's some confidence there last in previous postseason disappointments and a lot depends on the nets health. But now go back to brooklyn with a series. That's very much in the air. I'll go back to that game three. That was thursday. The nets were two possessions away from taking a three zero series lead. Then yesterday the box went on a twenty one. Two four run. That was the first four minutes that turned into an eleven point nets lead and then it turned into a milwaukee lead of forty four thirty eight and then ten seconds later kyrie irving goes up for a layup comes down on the greek freak foot and the replay of that makes you wonder how many times we've seen this before. And how long and how severe this could be with kyrie irving but even if he does play how formidable is going to be. How many minutes can you count on your got. James harden can you force james harden or politely asked james harden to come back and maybe sooner than expected here because when you're up two games to none could have gone up three games to none. I need james harden the rest of the series. Now i need them. How much can i get out of him. But those are some questions that will have for dennis scott who joins us coming up as well always do every monday. Best in worse to the weekend. What you saw that you liked didn't

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