A highlight from Ep. 309: Victoria Beckham & Sarah Creal Talking Beauty

Fat Mascara


Everyone. Hi jessica i'm jen. Hi guys alright. We have v. one. The only victoria beckham here today and she is joined by sarah creole. She is the co founder of victoria beckham beauty. I mean jen. Can you believe this. No i can't believe i wasn't able to do the interview with you. Guys i know i i. It happened a little bit earlier this year and i was having a. It was a rough week for me. So i wasn't able to join you but i knew jess would bring it home for you. Whoever hopes afterwards. And i did some homework for everybody. Talk to the lovely people over victoria beckham and they are offering you guys a discount code before just gets into the interview a discount code. Amer doing a giveaway. So listen up from now when this when this drops. You're listening right now until july tenth so for month you're gonna get ten percent off. Victoria beckham beauty products. Aren't just use the code fat mascara all one word at checkout for ten percent off then do not in the mood to buy something right now. Free stuff. They gave us one of the victoria beckham beauty bags. Just this thing is gorgeous. I kind of like. I know i can't be entered legally. I probably can't win this but let me tell you. What's in it the bitten lip tint in armor. This this works on every skin tone. It's actually crazy lid luster. Smokey i break cell rejuvenating priming moisturizer and selvanathan power. Steiner them all in this little bag. It's so cute. We're going to post that on her instagram. When you see the picture of it on our instagram you could go check right now. if you're listening. Maybe it's already up going to put it up the day after the podcast like it's follow us on instagram. You'll be entered to win. And then we'll mail you out one of those two one of our lucky listeners. What a nice treat. Thank you sarah and victoria for that. So that is a really nice. Treat and products are gorgeous. We've talked about them. We love them. And i just congrats in advanced. Whoever gets that really nice bag. Okay so. I don't really think i need to give a massive introduction here but just for tradition sure. Okay victoria beckham. you know her. She is a singer. Maybe you've heard of her little group. It's called the spice girl. She's also a mega fashion designer. And the co founder of victoria beckham beauty. Sarah creole awesome. She has just a powerhouse. She is the co founder of the brand and a longtime beauty executive. She's worked at estee. Lauder tough for beauty and bobby brown. We had an amazing conversation. We had a lot of fun. I'm so sorry. The jaguars and barrow. That was my only the only downside but we we laughed. We talked about Why the two of them started this incredible brand we talked about. Victoria's opinions and thoughts on beauty. How they've evolved and really just you know what it's like the two of them working as a duo and a power gio and how they work together and you know oh just another power people might i i really i just. I'm so i'm so intrigued by partnerships. And you know. They have an incredible partnership so it was a really cool. Jessie j just like victoria beckham. It's gonna happen gonna happen um this interview. You did such an amazing job. There were so many interesting little tidbits. I think you and i i really I had fun. And i really would like to think that they had fun too. I don't know. But i had a great time. And it just kind of flew by so Thank

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