A highlight from 1573: The Golden Rules of Training for Performance, When to Train Through Pain, the Importance of Food Variety & More

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The way you can build your own box interesting feature there when you go. That website really really cool. Then we got into questions the first question. This person wants to know the golden rules of training for performance. The next question. This person wants to know when you should train through pain or take time off the third question. This person wants to know how to train their shoulders. Even they click and pop while the overhead presses and the final question. This person wants to know if there's any detriment to eating the same foods all the time or the if they should add some variety also we are running a promotion right now fifty percent off maps prime maps prime pro and our prime bundle all fifty percent off head over to maps fitness products dot com. Just use the code. June prime with no space for the discount dude speaking of seeing. Yeah so i watched. A movie actually watched three movies this weekend. That did not think. I would enjoy as much as i did. Let's that pitch perfect. Oh here you guys go again. L. a. good. I you know what. Just listen trust. I forgot about that movie bro. I forgot actually really it's hilarious. I promise you it's hilarious and have to play the guy that's just like what does that. What does that reminds next the notebook. You know you notice. It reminds me the same surprise. I got when i watched the heartbreak. Kid with a new right. You wouldn't think you. Because it looks like i did not think automatic wrote. Yeah that was good to know. I did not think i would like it. Jessica wanted to watch. She's brought it up a million times. So i'm like all right. Let's see what happens. It was hilarious. I ended up watching the first one. I'm like i love this second. Let's watch the third one. It was really good as fine. You get your back. It was funny. I i spent a long time though. It's the first one was it's also thousand twelve. Is that one second. One thousand fifteen in the third one was like a couple years ago. But it's one of those ones that i don't think i would have thought i would like it and then you end up with sometimes. That's the best right when you're like i'll tell you what i'm going to be honest. The comedy was. That's what made a great. It was actually really funny. But here's the other thing too it's to me. It's incredible when people can seeing dan. Jansen act all same time in their good all of them It blows my mind so long. Damn talent isn't isn't that actually. It's unfair really well. isn't that a little. Isn't that more common than not in the in the acting world. Because a lot of these guys and girls from broadway broadway route delays and stuff where you have to kind of do all that right. Yeah well. I mean theater in general when you're when you're kind of going up and that's like the direction you wanna go. I wanna be an actor like most of them get Singing yeah anna kendrick. Is that the main girl in it she plays. Have you seen trolls. The cartoon trolls. Yeah you know the the little girl one. She plays her voice in the singing is actually. She's a great voice and then there's a song in the movie where she uses a cup and she makes sounds with it with their hands and then she sings. And i've heard that song it's actually really good. It's hurt her real voice. Like how talented can you be. So annoying reminds when to train really smart. There was like a train. A lot of doctors and surgeons. And when when you get to know these people you realize they're definitely a special breed of intelligence like to be a surgeon. You're really really really just a super smart person. I remember i train them.

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