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Case scenario. You just erase it or remotely. I totally agree. It's very convenient. It can be very useful in situations like that. I just am very i. I feel like this comes up a lot technology where we love the convenience but then we sometimes forget about the were surrendering lot of ourselves to these devices. And i think that's a matt where it's like. I'm i'm not ready for that type of sharing of my information yet with my iphone mike. What are your thoughts on. All i think i would lead a little bit more to our our twitter respondents in that. When you think about it. I don't see myself Only carrying my phone and not having some semblance of a wallet or like. I have a clip. That i had my debit card and my driver's license cash that i have been carrying lately instead of a wallet. And just because maybe because i didn't leave the house that much that i just didn't want have the wallet in my pocket or the idol. No but i could totally see where go go ahead and put it in into wallet which i have. You know a lot of things in there. and then but also i may have my actual driver's license with me one thing you mentioned I think when we talked about this previously the idea. You know if you get pulled over for a traffic violation you don't have your wallet. Did you have your phone. And you're gonna give the police your phone in. It almost feels like you know something i want. Wanna do not that. I consider myself a criminal or anything. But you just you know. You're you give a police officer your phone. I think basically letting them search anything you know because they'd have to be unlocked right to taxi. See your driver's license. So i'd not as worried as much about privacy. I mean i basically give up I mean. I don't put my social security number. You know on twitter or any anything but you know. I think considering all the things could go wrong in the world. I just have to say you know. I got i accept that i think apple will usually do the right thing with my data. I could be pollyannaish to use an old cliche. That's older than i am. So i think this is where it's going But yeah i mean there's always a chance to lose your phone and there's lots of ways you could look at this. I like their points of view. Yeah i i i mean. And apple's credit they have the find my app which makes losing your phone a lot less of a stressful event. Because it's much easier to track in iowa's fifteen going to add a new option of that in the fall where it can even track your phone when it's turned off it's turned off anything else like it can still be tracked. So that's that is reassuring blue losing the phone. You don't feel as nervous about it right and like you said. I think apple will likely take the necessary steps to insure that your data safe and that there's no issue there and i'm not worried about like a hackers gonna get in my phone somehow. I have a pass code on it all that other stuff. I have all the fine my set up with the remote wipe and everything else It's just more the idea of giving up that much in from personal information to my device in being that open to it. It's still. I think like even even even with my debit cards and stuff. I'm warming up to it. Apple pay seems very secure. Seems like a very convenient way to use it. But it just feels like it's these little pieces of information that you keep giving to tack and your devices and i'm still a little bit not ready to dip into that pouliot. Well totally understandable. I mean everybody has their own level of privacy and certain things set off. Our setup may not be the right word. Well maybe they'd set off your spider sense so to speak. You know depending on what you're giving over you know. So i mean i. I have an apple credit card in my phone. And i figure i mean they know everything. They need to know about me anyway. So the driver's license in that much more of a deal to me so anyway what anybody else want to chime in on what you know about the apple wallet. Another advances coming in. Iowa's fifteen you could find me on twitter at mike schneider and i'm at brett molina twenty-three please. Don't forget to subscribe and rate us. Early review on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher anywhere. You get your podcasts. You've been listening to talking tech. We'll be back tomorrow with another quick kit from the world is heck talking. Tech is supported by pay com. According to new one poll research shared by pay com. Employees are so frustrated with tech. They use at work. That sixty seven percent said they're willing to take a pay cut for something better. Ouch only pay comes. Comprehensive technology dates their hr and payroll tasks in a single software. that's easy to use and for

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