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Television draw in the afternoon. Everyone welcome to the new media show. I'm all thumbs today. Rob trying to get all the all the buttons pushed so anyone. It's still here. That was watching me with side of my head for the last two minutes. Thanks for hanging out and and now watch the side of my head so we need to have thought it was just a simple as pushing one button. We need to have you in the back. Juggling or something not entertain them. While we're levels paul's in the air could get a couple balls juggling on the screen yeah or entertaining than sings mytalk and it's been just absolute. I think the whole week spin for a better word busy and nothing new there but hello everyone. Welcome the show. You guys. don't give a crap. Let's but one thing you may give a crap about. I don't know. I guess i'm just jumping in here. Rob is i know. You've talked to him because i asked if if you've talked to them and i've talked to him and i know who they haven't talked to but facebook is coming. They've they've kind of announced that they're coming so yeah and it's not like it's a india scenario necessarily well. I i had a t. non-indy discussion today. And then got the paperwork. Fifteen minutes ago. So i think once we get beyond you know into the depths of the details doesn't the or coming right so i spent an hour on the phone center over our best practices document that we give every new entrant in the podcasting space. And it's a five page of lessons learned from every company. That's done things and y. You shouldn't do it this way or that way and i said you know please please please make a portal onto an api. But anyway anyway. It's it's they look like they're pretty serious. Yeah i would agree. I would agree. I you know it's it's still a little hard to say. How much impact. It's going to have but Now i think that you know they aren't the only platform le'ts coming So they're not the last but they certainly are a big fish. As as i told him he said Do you guys have the potential making as big or bigger than impact as spotify did he. You know if if you do this correctly could be an inflection. Point for us So i guess from that perspective actually even talked about podcasts. Two point oh stuff right and some of the stuff that's going over there with the ping initiative and now it's not gonna be exactly like what you have experienced working with a spotify or pandora or an apple as far as how it works with them at facebook is going to take their own secret sauce and apply it here i. I don't know it's not really secret sauce. But their own internal process for creating a show pages different than what you may be accustomed to but That's more more compatible with their platform and always done things and i think too you know they. They asked him specific questions. About what a podcasters one and I i really said three things. Three primary things number one build audience built number to help them monetize and number three help them build engagement. so in four don't be a podcast host. Well they're not coming to compete with us. They're gonna roll the espy's right exactly so they're not becoming a host right least and stuff. I've seen so far. They don't Really if you look at facebook just in general they don't publish any of their content externally so that that would be an exception right right so they're going to go pass through so they're not going to cash it. Which you know is good news. And i think they've already gotten feedback from other parties about how well as she said feedback to so right. Yeah But i basically i took some time in gave some history with and I think they were willing to. I think they were furiously writing notes. I will say that much so at least they have two pages of stuff to you know to mull over. I think that they want to enter the medium in a good way. No there definitely is a lot of history and entering the medium in the wrong ways so we should be able to build on top of that and help them. So i told him i said you know you really wanna make this available to everyone as soon as possible. And if you don't then you need to need to be very public about why you can't and i said because if you release it for some and not others you're going to build animosity from the get-go and you know you don't probably don't wanna do that and i think they are. I think they're genuinely trying to figure out how they can help. The creator and that to me was the lid. That's no that's a lot different attitude. 'cause he attitude i've heard so four is jimmy content. Gimme content gimme content. Nitin an email facebook to ask. What can we do for the podcasters for the creators. i brought up by just kept using competition against them. He kept saying all right. I do youtube live. I don't have a big enough audience to get tips. No one can tip me on youtube. Why they can't thirty five bucks. I have to be a big star. I said why does youtube do that. Because they still get their cut. Even if i'm a small producer if someone throws me five bucks he take their whatever they take their cut. They would still make money. But yet i have to be a big shot so i told him i says whatever you do. If you're going to help podcasters monetize. I know you're coming up. The peace books already announced. They're coming up with a petri a on competitor. But i said if if you're gonna help podcasters monetize don't set arbitrary a monetization levels you know. Don't let let the average podcast monetize from the get. Go if you have something if you have a tip jar or whatever you have to help that content. And i said don't don't reserve that for the three percent right visible to everyone because if you want the ninety seven percents podcasters to promote someone listening to their show on facebook. I said you have to take care the podcast and i think some of these platforms need to start thinking about that a little bit. I make no money in spotify. Why would i ever. Why would

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