A highlight from Hour 1: Tom Brady 2021 Expectations

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Jordan love talked about how he's one hundred percent ready to be the day one starter. If aaron rodgers isn't there so do the packers actually feel the same way. Do they think that love can be ready to start week one. No one's ready to go that far yet ryan and it's because of what we've seen so far one day bad one day good today. They're just going day by day. this is day. Three of the mandatory mini camp. They have one more week next week of some. Ota type practices and they've said nothing about week one. They still obviously want aaron rodgers. Pack here what the the progress that they saw yesterday has to give them at least some hope. That jordan love could be ready if they need them. Don't forget they also have veteran. Blake bortles here as an insurance policy but right now they're focused ryan is on getting jordan. Love reps he can. They're dividing them up in a way. That love is taking massive reps one after another. After another on day one. He went sixteen straight snaps on day. Two is long. Stretch was eleven straight snaps rather than rotation jordan. Love all in right now. Are i get them. The rabbs very different from last year where he barely got that time because after all he was behind an mvp rob demovsky. Thank you so much for that report. Now let's bring in our guys lewis. Chris and dan graziano. I gotta say overwhelmed. That you guys are getting believe it. It's surreal but i love it. Dan start with you. What's your reaction to that. And how jordan love played yesterday. I think it's important to keep rob's perspective in mind. Which is you can't really go day by day. Like oh what did he look good. Did he look bad. What does that mean for the big picture jordan. Love

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