A highlight from Nicholas Christakis How Were Wired for Goodness


World veterans new study. What does spirituality mean to us. Reveals spirituality informs our understanding of ourselves and each other and inspires us to take action for the common good explore. These findings and more at spirituality study got org elemental human capacities like friendship and love in its many forms teaching and learning have tremendous constant practical force. We don't think of these in terms of what has given our species the grit to endure through hard times and even volve in the long run. There lived social intelligence part of the every day and so can be hard to see a serious amidst the high tumult of our age but these kinds of human qualities are what nicholas kristof studies from his human nature lab at yale and in his life generously lived. I spoke with him in january. Twenty twenty and this conversation shaped how. I made sense of the past year how i looked for hope within it. His thoughts feel more immediately applicable to the world. That is now upon us. He offers a wide lens. A broad perspective that deepens and refreshes it's like standing on a ten thousand foot plateau and noticing. That one hill is three hundred feet and one hill is nine hundred feet and becoming obsessed that what is it. That explains the difference between these two hills. But if you step off the plateau and go at some distance you see that actually those are two mountains and actually the forces you were previously focused on sort of locally rozhin or human action are trivial in comparison to the plate tectonic and volcanic forces. The caused these huge mountains. And it's those kinds of super powerful forces acting below the surface that interest me especially since to my i. Those forces are primarily forces. For good. And i think they've been neglected. I'm

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