Rep. Elise Stefanik on the Weirdness and Crisis Under Biden Administration


Things are getting kind of sick, aren't they? At least I mean, honestly, birthing person. Isn't that like a put down of a woman as far as you're concerned? It is ridiculous. And actually, we had Secretary Basara, Secretary of HHS testify today in the Republicans hammered him on that issue. Because I've heard from families in my district. How absurd and frankly unscientific, that term is Birthing person taking place of a mother. Trying to figure out what men are going to be called. And my mind goes to places I shouldn't mention. But I'm just saying, it's just weird. Anyway, There's so much weird that is going on, isn't it? I mean, Like critical race theory. This is really, you know, teaching racism to kids of all backgrounds and colors in our classrooms and so forth. Did you ever think you'd see the day? I never thought I'd see the day mark, but the unraveling under President Obama. So sorry, President Biden, right? And, um, Speaker Pelosi has been just destructive and so quick. Again as someone who was very critical of President Obama, which is why I mentioned his name. This administration under President Biden is even further to the left, and the American people are waking up to it in regards to critical race theory, you're seeing moms and dads stand up across this country in opposition to this brainwashing that the far left is pushing This is not the Democratic Party of five and 10 years ago. This is a radicalized Socialist Democratic party and it's a crisis. America is facing a number of crises under Joe Biden failed leadership.

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