Caller Critcizes Biden for Gifting Hacking Targets to Putin


I heard a statement from President Biden after his discussions with Putin today, and I was stunned by the statement. I can't believe any American president would say that other than possibly Woodrow Wilson, and I think there's a lot of comparison. He said. And I think I'm quoting and he said I presented a list of Putin of 16 targets that were off limits to Russian hackers. And I was stunned Mark. I mean, I know what President Trump's reaction to. That would have been, and I'd love to hear what your comments are. Yeah, well, what he did, then is he told him the top targets he ought to hit. That's number one. These are the 16 that are off limits. Okay, Those are the 16. We should hit then, right? Number two What happens to target number 17 18 and all the rest of them? He that you're exactly right. What he should have said is cut it out. We're going to hurt you. And I don't mean just Respond. I mean, we're going to hurt you. But he's a coward. That's Joe Biden. He's a coward. He is not going to do that. He'll surrender and he gave them the pipeline. For God's sake. Trump would have said that It's insane. Mark Donald Trump would've said there was one target. Anything that is affected that affects the U. S. It's Um economic or strategic interests. We will retaliate in kind or greater. What do you think Reagan would have done? I'm scared of. Yes, it's true Reagan would acted. Don't think Reagan would have said anything. He already would have hammered them. I don't either he would have done. He would have been done. Yeah. I mean, the thing would have been reported have been confirmed, and he would have taken action. That's exactly right. Well, we've got what we've

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