How Xerox & Some Dalmatians Saved Disney


The new one hundred and one dull nations villain origin story crew ella seemed to be a real love or hate flick or more like a lukewarm dislike or confused enthusiasm based on reviews with titles like weird but i think i like it whatever the reaction the film seems to have been pretty far from what people were expecting mostly because it has almost nothing to do with the one hundred and one puppies that made guerrilla deville famous but sixty years before this any chaotic punk tinged origin story the world got its first film adaptation of dodie. Smith's nineteen fifty six children's novel the hundred and one donations and despite being positively obsessed with the movie as a toddler. I never knew that the canine cartoon marked a crucial turning points in the history of animation. And one which disney may not have ever made it to the other side of had. The movie not worked out. One hundred and one donations marked walt disney animation studios twenty second full length feature animation having been preceded by classics like snow white. Pinocchio fantasia and peter pan. It began development in the late fifties following the box office bomb of sleeping beauty which took six million dollars to make but only earned back five million sleeping. Beauty used the dominant animation technique of the time that required artists to hand trace drawings on transparent celluloid or sell sheets according to smithsonian magazine reported on this moment in animation history. Disney movies usually have one to two dozen cells per second so in total sleeping. Beauty had almost one million cells. That's one million drawings done and traced by hand a ton of work for a movie that ended up costing the studio a million dollars.

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