Australia Fights UN Downgrade of Great Barrier Reef Health


Said on tuesday. It will fight against plans to downgrade the great barrier reef world heritage status due to climate. Change while environmentalists have applauded the un world heritage committee's proposal. The committee said in a draft report on monday that there's no possible doubt that the network of colorful corals off australia's northeast coast was facing ascertained. Danger the report recommends that the world's most extensive coral reef ecosystem added to a ness goes list of world heritage in danger which includes fifty three sites when the world heritage committee considers the question in china in july. The listing could shake australians confidence in the government's ability to care for the natural wonder and create to roll for an esco headquarters in devising so-called corrective measures which would likely include tougher action to reduce australia's greenhouse gas emissions any downgrade of the reef world heritage status could reduce tourism revenue that the natural wonder generates australia because fewer tourists will be attracted to a degraded environment and dead coral reef cruise. Operators said the report was wrong and that tourists continued to be owned by the dazzling coral multicolored fish but some tourists said the reef seemed more colorful during visits decades ago. The network of two thousand five hundred reefs covering one hundred thirty four thousand square. Miles has been world heritage listed since nineteen eighty-one but it's health is under increasing threat from climate change and rising ocean

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