A highlight from NHL Playoffs, Travelers Championship, NASCAR at Pocono with Brian Blessing June 22, 2021


Radio and vegas hockey hotline. We'll talk some nhl playoffs. We'll talk the travelers championship up at. Tpc river highlands in connecticut. Then we'll take a look at nascar real quickly as we have a very interesting scheduling quirk here for this weekend. That bright and i can discuss well in advance of the races plural at pocono over. Ats dot io. Lots of great stuff. Check out make sure you head over there and look at my daily beast article. Four suggested picks in today's article for the mlb card. Lots of stuff to talk about. Obviously as there always is to go check out. That article over at the website did a preview of the travelers championship. Yesterday you check that out over there as well. We got our talented cast of writers covering the nhl nba play-offs wnba. I'll be writing you. Ufc preview for this weekend and also take a look at that double header at pocono so lots of stuff where to check out over at the website.

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