A highlight from Lunchbox Poses As Morgan2s Dad + We Talk To A Professional Cuddler! + Bobby's Mailbag: Can You Buy A Fathers Day Gift For A New Romance?


Alaska what's up. Good morning more in studio. Go to the phones a wesley. How are you you doing. What's going on with you I was calling because my aunt just is still involved in a story similar to amy's accept it as with a dog She had wanted to get elaborate doodle puppy and found one that she likes In georgia and signed a deposit and everything after you know talking and corresponding with the people and come to find out same lithuania. They kinda ghosted and respond and do anything so she had mentioned that she would have to get law enforcement. Involved blow then. She got a check back for the check close from the company that she had gone through and whatnot will. Someone had mentioned to her. Don't deposit the check. Because that's how they gain access to your account and so she took it to her bank and sure enough it was like a scammer shot. But something had already linked to her account and they were ended up getting money from her account omega show now she has lawyers involved she had she had to make a police report and all that kind of stuff so just take the check and verify not have time for this time for the call. I don't have time for this guy's absolutely. I appreciate the call. And i have time for that but if this is where the road. We're headed down i. It's almost comical to me at this point. Can i say something generic about your life. Yeah you have gone through more in the past year than in one year time than probably any human ever met and this would be the icing on the cake. That's why i think. I would probably just laugh at me like take it all. Have you already deposited the no thank goodness someone. Write a check in the access to your account like understand like a trojan horse where there's little men hiding in there and they come out once they're in your account. She said it was a scammer check. Does it have like a little chip in. It was on same day. Like offically booted into their info. Is there a bit. yeah yeah i don't. I'm not quite sure. How but the same supposedly company that her the check after she said all this stuff access her account because there was other transactions and Had got more money so now she has to not only had to make a police report but how to get a lawyer involved and all that stuff so Warning you check this week and get it verified. Yes i well. I guess now. I'm going to have to think in an timed in the positive yet. Don't go you know today. you don't have to tomorrow but if you can go this weekend sometime and come back monday and let us know like t's i'll hang out for i won't even texture and and find out what's going on. I need to know what happened here. Thank you for the call though west. We appreciate that day studio. Great day to thank. You hate to start on such a downer. not a downer. Didn't happen to you. Well no and. I do feel bad for her aunt but it's also a good warning in. Psa so i don't know you just gotta drive somewhere in person and verify everything. There's no psa no maybe us a good heads up. But what do you. What do you do right. Maybe we learned. There is such thing as a skimmer check. That's a little fishy. Do it is time to open up dab mailbag. You said something called bobby Bobby bones a couple of months ago. I started dating guy his fifteen year. Old son it's been going great. I was wondering is it expected or just weird to get a father's day gift. I've never dated anyone with a kid and gift giving bobby is my love language. And he gave me the perfect balance of gifts from my recent birthday. This makes me want to get him something. But it's weird if it's not weird. Do you have any advice on what to get him. Thank you signed. Loyal podcast listener. Okay so dana guy. A couple of months. Let's say three months. Although a couple of two months two months got a fifteen year old son. Can you get them to the for father's day my my just my instinct is yes. You can always get somebody something. I don't think it's weird. I don't think you have to get them. You know a collage of you. Him and his son yeah. I don't think it has to be something extremely personal about him. Being a dad and how that's affected you but i do think you can get him a nice little gift if you like him or if you love them. I don't think there's ever something wrong with that. What kind of gift is is the issue because again. You don't want to have an artist paint you three together. Cause you ain't the mom. And i think that's probably kind of that slippery line that you want to avoid been like. I got you a father's day gift. Because i know you're a great dad and i'm here to be his stem. That's the weird thing so i would go. Yes you can get a gift as long as it's something. That's very specific about him and not about him being a dad. What do you think. Yeah i mean. I think it's okay to be thoughtful and went to recognize that. Yeah he's probably proud dad. And you wanna acknowledge that part of his life. That's okay but y'all make it very like don't i mean you're saying because he went all out for your birthday or gave you call things but that's your birthday is not his birthday. It's father's day in your the new girlfriend. Not not the mom or not even maybe the soon to be monceau. Yeah just tread lightly with what you get him if he likes golf. Get him some golf balls. If he likes football you can find something. He likes them something in that lane. That doesn't have to be the dad lane. I would avoid the dad lane. But i would get him a gift if you want to get him a gift eddie. Your dad of nineteen four. Yeah he's a dad. Father's day is the day celebrate. Dad's whether you're a mom or whatever it doesn't matter celebrate dad's when i get a gift from father anyone from father's day i'm like this pretty legit and i'm a proud dad and thank you so you would say they're together a couple of months gift to do it. Yeah we all agree on that universally we agree. Get them a gift. Just don't make it weird too sentimental about how him being a good father affects you. Yes a gift all right. Thank you for that email. We appreciate that. Close it up. We got your family. Now is founded. Close bobby if you wanna hit us up morgan. What's address at bobby bones dot com. Go about to be joined by bubba. Wallace nascar driver cool guy from all indications watching them on tv. I don't know from what we've heard. Never met him. But there were like wallace like hanging out with wallace. Who is coming up in a second. Which by the way. There's big race. Here in nashville. Where we live our buddy chris. Johnson's playing it. It's sold out on the sunday but if you're trying to get down here. There are some saturday. Some friday spots between the races there nashville superspeedway dot com for more details. And there are here. He is is the on right now. All right let's

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