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Coming up in the next hour will have sustaining the Hawaii. Me. You don't want to learn all about the future of vertical farming in sustaining Hawaii. The changes that are underway with technology and application. So that's in the next hour. I want to remind you, by the way, asked the mayor is a great opportunity. And in real time the mayor connected with his administration to answer Catherine's Question. About a park utilization. And Catherine, Call us back. We have information for you and to follow up. The question. You just asked the mayor So give a call. Scotty has that info for you, 5 to 1 83 83. And, uh, go ahead and give us that call. So weekend help out as much as we can. Thank you for all the calls in the last hour. David Fisher coming up right after this K h V h traffic. We had the water. Maiden repair. I'm Lady being the Gerber collision Traffic center. More of the freeway. Westbound lane closure, also affecting the four chapter exit and Cow Street on ramp. Please do drop caution in the area. Brake lights right now. Heading westbound on age one. Slowing your cook Wide Avenue overpass continues through university. Eastbound on morning View Freeway slows into the fort Shafter flats that continues to Middle Street merge relief just before Pali Highway. Hi. Break time. I know you. I'm cola guard a prescription colon cancer screening option for people 45, plus an average risk. It seems like you take care of yourself. I

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