A highlight from Will the Biden-Putin meeting improve US-Russia relations?

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The crackdown in hong kong takes another worrying. Turn as authorities bust into a major newspaper hauling on computers notebooks and executives basically they're newsroom for occupy national security officers also today when the leaders of the us and russia meet it is must-see tv across much of the globe. Just something very appealing to. I think most people assume the americans about the two superpowers battling it out and in the philippines. The war on drugs has been deadly now. Police officers who shoot first ask questions. Later may be held accountable. Justice seems to be Working and this definitely a very big boosted human rights movement in the philippines. I'm marco werman those stories and more today here on the world. I'm marco werman you're with the world. Thanks joining us. We started in hong kong. Where today there was a stunning show. Us against journalists.

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