A highlight from Part 2: UFC Legend Anderson Silva, plus The News (ACS June 17)


Fascinated with five acres. I just wanna tell you a couple of things. There's a timeline. it opened in eighteen. Eighty eight net. That facility was in downtown. La in one thousand twenty one. They moved to alta. Dena where your dad worked. And then i'm going through all the time. Line the timeline. Now when your dad would have been there in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty one five acres therapeutic. School opens for severely emotionally disturbed children who he was sort of tending to. I guess my sister beulah free anyway. Another one of these fucking flank stakes the taste like gristle with advocaat a cottage cheese on. I'm gonna fucking kill myself old man and you'd be right to that's right so they have tons of the an adoption agency now. They have tons of different programs. Glad i'm glad you brought that up. Let's talk another local story. Real quick tin horn flats. We may have a conclusion to the story. And it's not great one The months-long dispute between the popular sports bar. Which we've talked about many times on the show and the city of burbank came to an end tuesday morning after the owners of tin horn flats were evicted from the property by the la county. Sheriff's department this. According to kfi news the eviction is a separate issue from a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction that was inch issued by the la county judge after the owners continued to operate despite the health permits. Saying no yeah blue yacht a little bit read. The story and i was taken by the fact that the person who have victim the owner of the property had the same last name as the owner of business they affected and i was like what the fuck did the mom vic the song x y against x ex wife so i think this clogged property in the divorce. Wow so in an interview with the new yorker owner barrett said officials were attempting to take business away he said honestly if the rules came straight from god. I wouldn't do it. One thai school barrett graduation class. So now what i don't know it's there's a lot of this going on in the world sort of in general which is this thing started over really nothing in terms of whatever the so it's basically it's like saying so started over outdoor dining which never turned out to be thing. I don't know why we ever shut that down. Were not fine then it then it took on a life of its own and then ten minutes later. Everyone's like well. There's nothing wrong with outdoor dining and it's like doesn't matter we're onto our own thing now so it's almost like you getting into a huge feud with a neighbor because you cues them of stealing your jello mold. There's something you got off and running. And then at some point you figured out that they never stole your jello mold. But it didn't matter because still still on doing a lot of that. I think people doing relationship do it. You know sort of micro and macro and it's like i don't know my thing is once we circle back to the thing that was inaccurate or didn't happen then apart figure it out so let me just say that. It is extra punitive now and ironic that on the day. Everything opens back up. They get evicted. I'm glad you mentioned that. Because i'm wondering if there's a little bit of the cancer patient going up with the pilot you know it's all over so fucking do this anyway. Because i was thinking why why. Why do your heels in so much when the end is near fifteenth. This is all gonna lift and we're all going to go back to whatever. Did he know that the ex wife was going to give them the fucking boat and he's like i'm all exactly. That makes a lot of sense to me. Well when the decree for no outdoor dining went down like right. I don't know what month that was but well a longtime in the making right. This doesn't happen all of a sudden divided property in you know i. I don't i don't know when they got divorced. I have no idea. I don't know if they've got divorced ten years ago and they were just running their business divorced fifteen minutes ago and this is an issue but well either way it made bear to folk hero from someone who's been there. They just moved everything to their outdoor patio. And they were continuing with business. And i think when the out i think the problem is as we said no. Indoor dining only outdoor dining and so business went through great measures to move outdoors and do all the things that get. The hinders shrubs up and do all the stuff. And they're all spend a bunch of money and a bunch of time in a bunch of calories and then when they said no outdoor dining which wasn't backed by any science a very small number them including tin horn flats on fuck that. That's the only business we have and depending on your wiring. They were probably their saturation level. The california's you know. Got a lot of rules and burbank has more rules. Even than calvin burbank is super sticky with with rules. And that's probably what happened but either way they'll be so yet and something that is another eyesore to the community over the past year and a half is just another closed business with the least sign of cardboard boxes and she's still a fence around it. I don't know it had a real permanent fence around it. Now you couldn't get the city of burbank to pick up a love seat that you put out on the sidewalk which you could there johnny on the spot with the fencing on small business yeah They may they may still get a check out of the city of burbank. Yeah house there. It is it's got a real real fence around it. And how many sandbags in front of that door hundred. Yeah yeah yeah. That looks great. That's that's a quality of life issue for the for the name will so we talked with chris about people going crazy at the stadium and people are just losing it loosely quickly everywhere always now and the newest wild scene is a mcdonald's in ravenna ohio. Yeah berry i blame starbucks. Everyone's beaked up on caffeine like all day every day there. There is no when i was a kid. You didn't have coffee at four in the afternoon. Nobody did it was like you might go into a diner and have a cup of coffee with your eggs and then that was that was it. I mean there might be a coffee pot at a business but take a look at the coffee pot. It's like you'd have cobwebs in shit and staying on the ball on the glass. Everybody's got themselves like a red bull or rockstar or a 'grande lot day whatever nan their own. There's some pharmaceuticals involved like. Everyone's on something. The coffees weaponising. Yeah like it's it's supercharging. Whatever the farm so everyone's got something in their veins these days they're chewing nicorette. They got a red bull. They got a little valium or something. And they're fucking got can't can't account for nelson right yup. Well let's. Let's give a quick peek to what happened here. So this customer went crazy. Because she wasn't allowed to mix all three flavors in her slushy. Why that's a rule. I don't know but she was. Literally was in ohio at mcdonald's later identified cherise. Selena cleveland Decided to walk behind the counter and get herself or slushy. Workers tried to stop her. They start throwing punches. I've two clips loud. I this whole thing could have been avoided. Show you what what happens and if you listen closely this is maybe forty five seconds. She gives sort of a weird explanation as to why she's going crazy but this is the first clip. She's

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