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Com where you can see all the different things we're doing and some crazy crap that i'm involved with that We will bring in a whole bunch of guests on my streaming show to sort of respond to and deal with and kind of work through it If you keep up with the ottoman. Dr drew show. You'll find out what i'm talking about. But that is not the topic for today. Today is katie milkman. The book is how to change the science of getting from where you are to where you want to be This is a groundbreaking book based on research at wharton school of business. Where katie milkman is. The james jadeed dinan pronounced rector professor warren school of course lee at penn also a secondary appointment the medical school at penn This is Interesting observations and data from the field of behavioral psychology something. I'm very interested in. Do i call you professor milkman. Dr milan the official title. Well the official title is either of those. But i prefer if you kate. Katie but i come from a history of training in my undergraduate years in new england where the professor outranked everything so everyone was called professor professor professor so so somehow i accept either. I will call you katie. That's more more conversational for today. I am deeply interested in change. Okay Obviously i work with drug addicts. Alcoholics people serious mental illness where changes a may. I mean it is the most difficult circumstances for change when people's lives literally depend upon it. And you're fighting a broken motivational system. That fights change even more powerfully than in the sort of shall we say the normal brain. And i don't like using words like that but for the minute Owned by the way our

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