A highlight from Heather Morris - Bystanding Up


Mental health comedy. Podcast i'm your co host. Ed crasnick along with me my partner jennifer kalari coming shortly. She's a therapist. I'm a mess. What could possibly go right here. We are we with the funk in dysfunction. it's the show that the american medical association is saying. Look out if you see only one the roddick this year mean we have a big show. This is the show where we not only talk about mental health but we practice skills because mental health is a practice. I don't know if you knew that. I didn't know that i'm learning about it every day. But apparently what you think in. What you feel has a bearing on how you live. I've heard about it. But this is the first time i've really approached it in a in a professional way i've seen a lot of professionals impact of psychotherapy could be converted to frequent flyer miles. I'd be eligible for free trip to pluto all right so here we are. We have a big show because our guest fan. I'm a big fan. And i've been a fan. All the way back to glee where a. She was brittany s pierce on the show quickly. She's been everywhere. Movies tv dancing with the stars many different shows and now she is producing a really interesting. Podcast called the bystanders with a cast. That's insane you know. Kristen channel with and jane lynch and michael hitchcock for starters. It's just an incredible of casts and it's very entertaining and you can

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