Did You Know Females Have a Prostate? Sex Educator Deborah Sundahl Explains

Sex With Emily


Let's talk about the clitoral orgasm versus the g spot orgasm. How would you describe them. We'll first of all g-spot is the female prostate that female prostate surrounds. The re throw canal. It starts at the outside opening of the body. And it's thirty two ducks. Glands are sprinkled along the eureka three canal about two inches so therefore because you're re throw canal and the vaginal canal share the same wall that means you can easily access prostate through the roof of the vagina. You can easily feel it. It literally hangs down through the roof of the vagina. it's a prostate. It's not the clitoris. The clitoris is primarily erectile tissue. We have the little knob on the outside of the body. Full of nerves. But as feminists healthcare a nurse's rebecca shocker and susan gauge and nineteen eighty to redefine the clitoris. They said hey. It's not just the little knob on the outside of the body. That feels so good. It's actually erectile tissue that extends four to five inches inside the body. They thought these women were not strict. Fifteen years will now. They've seen this structure in the

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