What's on the Line for Chris Paul's Legacy?


You know this. This series started out very well for the sun's up to all look like they were going to go from bubble darlings to title team in a year. I don't have to refresh your memory. it's you remember that probably yonathan. The vox i've turned upside down and for c. p. three it might mean coming up short one more time in the playoffs. Not grade list to be on here c. p. threes teams have had multi game series leads four times in the post season. Only to watch those leads. Slip away. Chris broussard what is on the line night in game. Six for chris paul. There's a lot on the line and obviously the championship but for him personally of is individual legacy yes. There is a lot on the line he would become. If they lose this series he would become the only player to lose four series in the postseason. Where you lead to. Oh okay anna. Point guard is in control of the game of his team. So a lot of that just falls on the coach. It can fall on the point guard. So we've talked about some christmas failures in the past and the postseason if he loses this series those become their a big part of his story. And when you talk about why he's one of the greatest players with barkley malone and you eat in stockton to never win a championship you look at. It and chris is a big part of why he didn't win the championship. Conversely if he can come back and win this series. Those playoff foibles. Become a footnote okay. They go from being a year. He's great but to just be enough small footnote in his overall story. So that is the first thing. Secondly if he wins this series he could become the third player. Only the third player in the seventy four year. History the third small player or normal size point guard to lead a team to an nba title.

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