The Phenomenon Of 'Coffin Births'


Francois are a vias dissuade so lifted a living baby boy out of his wife's coffin. He thought it was a miracle to celebrate his son's birth he named the child. Feast dilatot french for son of the earth. The boy's name would forever be synonymous with coffin births. But he wasn't the only example of a post mortem delivery or even the first there had been other documented examples like one from roughly two hundred years prior during a time of gruesome bloodshed in europe in sixteenth century spain. The inquisition was a tool for catholic. Monarchs to keep control to stop rebellion before it started. Inquisitors traveled around the country and rooted out heresy including anti-catholic and anti royal sentiment. Those accused of betraying the throne were punished severely with practices that ranged from torture to execution. Nobody was safe not even pregnant women in one case in fifteen fifty one. The inquisition tried and sentenced a pregnant woman to death by hanging. These deaths were meant to be examples for the public reminders. Of what happens to those who choose to defy the powerful institutions that govern their lives. The woman's body remained dangling from the gallows long after her death about four hours. After the execution passersby noticed something strange according to his self-proclaimed medical professional from the time quote two living children fell from her womb. This was the first written record of what is now called postmortem. Fetal expulsion given. There aren't any other accounts of this incident. It's impossible to verify. It could have been falsified or exaggerated to illustrate the brutality of the spanish inquisition. But it's probably fair to say that until this moment humans never magin. A corpse could deliver a child

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