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Live like it sounds so simple. No idea but now the data's finally these not only refreshing but at some level astounding nature. Welcome back to the nature. Podcast coming up this week. The us restarts research on gun violence and the sea sponges. That control currents i'm shami. Bundle annoying benjamin thompson. I up on the show despite well documented problems with gun violence in the us. There's been a shortage of research into this topic. That is beginning to change though reporter. Nick petro is here with more. According to the centers for disease control and prevention in two thousand nineteen sixteen put one percent of all injury related deaths in the. Us were associated with firearms. That's more than one hundred people a day more than die from traffic accidents. The us gun homicide rate. If twenty five times that of other high income countries. This is actually done this. The director of criminal justice at arnold ventures an organization that funds gun violence research in twenty nineteen about half of all gun. Homicides took place in about one hundred twenty seven cities which represent about a quarter of the us population within these cities gun. Homicides are most prevalent and racially segregated neighborhood with high rates poverty despite the tens of thousands of people who die each year there is relatively little known about good violence in the us for decades basic questions about how to prevent gun. Violence have just gone under research so for example. You can't necessarily answer questions of. How do people obtain gun. You don't know where the guns used to commit. Shootings actually come from this. Knowledge gap has largely been tributed to a lack of federal funding due to a bit of legislation known as the dickey amendment funding from the federal government on gun. Violence research was practically frozen for twenty years in two thousand eighteen. This amendment was clarified and now researchers are able to get a piece of twenty five million dollars of federal money for gun violence research. The first time in almost generation could save lives. The impact for this kind of research can be nearly immediate. This is lisa wexler who answer the national institutes of health co projects on the topic of gun. Violence lisa works with indigenous people of alaska population. For whom guns very important. And she is well aware of how controversial and discussion of good news can be it intersects with things like self determination with things leg personal rights and freedoms all of those things get mixed up when we start talking about guns in this country and that is amplified in indigenous communities. Who literally have been dealing with the government in ways that have restricted access to food so hunting restrictions that have restricted their access to land. Traditional lands of david moved off of alaska. Dad's a little bit different but still there's a lot of narratives that link these things and think about government as restricting freedoms with tribal freedoms as well as individual freedoms but access to guns can also have another side having a gun in your home increases. Your risk of suicide by three suicide is the leading cause of death for native men under the age of twenty four and suicides are often committed using firearms and so in her work. Lisa is using her found funding to search for a balance working with communities to find out if promoting safety measures like looking guns wayne cabinets on making sure.

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