Pipeline's CEO Defends Ransomware Response During Senate Hearing


The ceo of colonial pipeline. Joseph blount testified before the senate homeland security committee yesterday a month after his company was hit by a massive ransomware attack that led to the shutdown of the biggest fuel pipeline on the east coast blount faced sharp questions from lawmakers about colonials cyber security practices and the company's communication with authorities during the hack. He also defended his decision to pay four point. Four million dollar ransom to the hackers in exchange for decryption keys. I made the decision to pay. And i made the decision to keep the information about. The payment is confidential as possible. It was the hardest decision. I made in my thirty nine years in the energy industry and i know how critical our pipeline to the country and i put the interests of the country first senior. Us officials have acknowledged that companies often have little choice but to pay these kinds of ransoms but in recent weeks some lawmakers have signaled that they may be open to making payments illegal in some cases or requiring companies to disclose when they pay

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