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Include your shirt size and your shipping address. And we'll get that shirt right out to ya. Justin what'd you think of that. Loch ness monster picture. You see this no dude. That's so fake. No really yemen. No real it no because it looks like like what was it a trout or catfish or something though. Yeah but like it looks like they superimposed it on some something. That's like a remote control boat or something but that's what it looks like. You got doctored and photoshop to distract. What are you to subscribe to that. You both catch articles like this spring. Believed us this. It's not that mainstream. It didn't come in my feed k. So i'm reading to every night. So what s it's making a touchdown or whatever you look for the lock muster scores a touchdown. I saw that actually to do you. Know what the loch ness monsters Do you know what it is. What do you mean. Do i wanted to loch ness monster. I mean i know it's that thing that anti it looks like a giant dinosaur. That's an underwater that people have seen in claim to have seen an easier source. Yeah okay what unfortunate name by the way. Hey you know what they call me the sleaziest source but were you about to just like school. Me on about it nothing. I'll just tell you it was. Of course everybody's heard of it right but i don't. I did not ever go to retire. Picture dug up. Look at this picture. There's been hoaxes before to correct. Somebody has used the little submarine thing and and they've messed with people done the same thing with bigfoot. Isn't that like the people that bigfoot to just don't don't mess with bigfoot. Okay real expand that picture doug but Looks crazy dude. Looks like there's a fricken thing in the water but like also the perspective. I am not really getting the the enormity of the size from this picture. Either you gotta do you gotta be. It could be a fish. Did you ever follow. Just jeff all of those expeditions. Because i know you know what you did. Yeah you're out of this conversation. I know the answer. The answer your expeditions. That went to the to the lock and they'd get those boats and go under like sir. Oh br deep yeah. Big foot and in nastier are like peanut butter. Jelly for me. I was i was all about it. I mean i told you guys my brother and i were so crazy about bigfoot for awhile. That We actually slept in the forest thinking that we might like if we stay there long enough we might catch bigfoot and then we did a whole tour of all these differ bigfoot sighting location northern california. And all this museums around it. Obviously it's like these people just profiteering off of like league schmucks like like me and my brother but you know it was fun dude. Like who doesn't want bigfoot to exist. Totally terrain hold on doesn't seem scary right. He doesn't seem big bro henderson's now there's one story that i just wanna believe. He's like one story that i read. That made me change my mind. Because i thought he wasn't scared. Then there's a story of these campers and it was like five of them that told the story of bigfoot. I saw you can smell them right. He's got a strong smell. Yes and they do this yell and then. He was throwing boulders at them and chasing them. You ever hear about so the characteristics so this is like a calm this. What like what they tried to like. Classifies commonalities bigfoot right. So you hear like knocking noisy. Yes you get things get thrown like mysteriously you'll hear like whooping noises like like real loud kind of like roll always after the example highly.

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