A highlight from 2605 - Fixing the Cratering US Democracy w/ Henry Farrell


You thousand twenty one. My name is sam suitor. This five times winning majority report. We are broadcasting live scraps and steps from the industrial ravage ghana's canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn uso on the program today international affairs professor at johns hopkins university henry foul on the precarious nature of our democracy also on the program today. A new trove of irs data published by propublica reveals billionaires pay less taxes as a percentage of their income than a worker making forty five thousand dollars a year. Five republican states are about to end enhanced federal unemployment payments months early before they expired. He biden caputo infrastructure talks near their endgame one might say their infrastructure is collapsing. While the biden doj will continue to defend donald trump in his defamation lawsuit brought by alleged sexual assault victim. Senate report claims the capitol. Police had intelligence on armed insurrection. Two weeks before january sixth the justice department says it has recovered. Most of the colonial pipeline ransom. Bitcoin texas governor signs a bill punish businesses to require proof Who require proof of covid. Nineteen vaccination the feds subpoena a cuomo a book materials in their nursing home debts investigations and socialists of pedro custodio appears to beaten right-wing. Keiko tomorrow in the peruvian presidential election although fujimori is claiming now election fraud. And imagine what you've got that idea. Lastly sb nine. Three three passes in the senate could radically change antitrust law in new york all this and more on

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