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How does the scale impact your mindset around food. I'm such a believer that if no one. We didn't struggle with negative body image. If we didn't have these ideas of what we should look like then. A lot of us really would not struggle with our relationship with food. Hey rebel mommy rony your food. Freedom registered dietitian here to help you eat without guilt by improving your body image and giving diet culture the middle finger. The scale is an external rule that i used to use to dictate how i felt about myself because it controlled my mood so much. It kept me stuck in a disordered pattern with food for years. That's why today. I'm walking you through three questions. I used to help me realize that the scale was really unhealthy for me and my mindset. By the end of this episode you will not only know if the scale negatively impacts your mindset. But you'll also be ready to smash it and get rid of it so you can break up with it for good and have a healthier relationship with food and your body here. We go to be honest. I've never really had a great relationship with the scale. And when i was preparing for today's episode i thought of so many different scenarios i've been in in my life where stepping on the scale seeing that number has negatively impacted by mindset negatively impacted. My mood so i chose one of these stories to share with you. i know on some other episodes. I've talked about a couple of other stories. But this story came to mind when i was prepping for this episode and it was really only a couple of years ago when this happened and it was a saturday morning and my husband and i. We went to the gym. We had a great workout. I remember i had a delicious coffee. After an i felt great. I felt like i had a lot of energy. I slept really well the night before. I felt like andrew and i were having a great start to our day and then later that day we had plan to hang out with some of our friends and we were going to go paddleboarding. It was a beautiful sunny. Florida day when andrew and i were getting ready to leave. He's he pulled out the scale because he you know he doesn't mind weighing himself. And i know that for some people. negative and for him. It's not so he took out the scale. He waited himself and this was before i had really shared with him. How the scale made me feel. So he said well. How much do you weigh. And he didn't mean anything bad by it you just in his mind. It was just something fun to do. And so i didn't feel comfortable saying i don't want to get on the scale freaks me out so i stepped on the scale and it was higher than i wanted it to be and i just felt this kind of sinking sensation in my chest. I began to feel heavier. i began to nitpick on all these parts of my body. So my mood shifted entirely from you know feeling happy feeling positive. Joined the day to tear it. You know terry myself apart nitpicking. Every little thing about myself and does not feeling good not feeling comfortable in my body. So for the rest of the day i kid. You not hyper focusing. On how i felt like my body and my bathing suit. I didn't feel comfortable. You know having drinks when we were at the beach about powder born didn't feel comfortable eating. Because i was so hyper focused on that number on the scale and thinking. Wow if you know if this is the number on the scale. It's not what i wanted to be. I don't feel comfortable being out here and my bathing and so you know this is just one of so many examples on how the scale for me personally has not been helpful for me because it takes me away from really being able to listen to my own body cues right like my hunger my fullness my satisfaction and instead i'm focusing on something external which is the number on the scale so instead of listening to what my body needs in regards to food rest nourishment. I'm instead listening to an external cue in some number that really does not dictate my health and you know with this happening in so many other horrible scale stories that i have i knew in my journey to improving my

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