A highlight from The Battle For the Soul of the Nation


Kristen holmes in for david chalian. And this is the cnn political briefing. Here's what you need to know in politics for two day. June eighth twenty twenty one a new senate report detailing. The january six insurrection highlight. How difficult bipartisanship is. We'll discuss that. Plus former presidents obama and trump battle for the soul of the nation and finally vice president kamala harris challenging immigration. Task is getting even more political this morning. Two senate committees released a joint. Bipartisan report detailing. The events that led up to the january six insurrection. Now while there were some shocking new details much of the report felt sort of whitewashed for example we learned new details on how much law enforcement knew about possible threats to the capital and when they knew it but most notably missing from the report. The cause of the insurrection and that critical relation between former president trump calling for his supporters to head over to the capitol and then subsequently storming in in fact in order to get both parties to sign off on this report specific political ties had to be eliminated and senate majority leader. Chuck schumer expressed his frustration on that matter today. With the exception of a brief reference to former president trump's remarks at the ellipse senate republicans insisted that the report exclude anything having to do with the cause of the insurrection. If anything the joint report the homeland security and rules committees has strengthened the argument for independent commission on january the sixth now of course schumer's republican counterpart in the senate minority leader. Mitch mcconnell didn't waste too much time chiming in saying quote. Today's report is one of the many reasons. I'm confident in the ability of existing investigations to uncover all actionable facts about the events of january six. Meaning he's sticking to his stance than an additional commission is unnecessary. This is just the latest example of how this divided senate is going to affect any democratic priorities in congress even beyond the failed january six commission. There's infrastructure police reform voting rights gun rights dc statehood. That's just to name a few and as this bipartisan report shows. Republicans

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