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Morning it is time to get up with troubled titletown aaron and his teammates taking sides where the packers go from here then the equal opposite reaction terrific for tom in tampa can anything. Stop the box from going back to back. And then it is the biggest question in college football. And it's finally on the verge of being answered heatherton paul as we get with you in this hour starting right now greeny and grazziano with you live at the seaport delighted you chosen to get up with us on this very busy day. Plenty of football. Mike tannenbaum and booger mcfarland will join us shortly. But we begin with the night in the nba and the thriller of the night aimed salt lake city. Don and make drill and the jazz. Take it on the clippers game. One going to pick it up with a good game jazz up five and donovan. Mitchell was spectacular. Watch him here working through traffic one-two-three defenders can stop jazz up. Seven mental finished with forty five. Final minute clippers down six but not giving up kawai kicking. Luke kennard at the tough-angle. No good but eventually paul george has got it. You got a long night. Four of seventeen. I was a big three clippers within three ensuing. Jazz possession twenty three seconds to go pitch all looking for some distance. Can't get it to fall clippers. Come back the other way ruling. Call a timeout. here we go. Here's your ballgame down by three. They need three to tie final ten seconds. Walk at the defense for utah. Stifling kawai nowhere to go into the corner nowhere to go rhody with the block and that's how it would end time expires before it gets off a marcus morris how about go bail the former defense if player of the year showing you why the spectacular stop at the finish again mitchell with forty five and utah holds on the game. One one twelve one. Oh nine that was the game of the night. The performance of the night belonged to the big fella from philly. Joel embiid starting again after the big night in game one and they needed after the loss. Meanwhile trae young. They're looking to slow him down and they would watch you know. Good danny green. The rebound tobias harris be other sixer fans. Loving milla jumped out to a fast start later in the first sixers up sixteen. Watch this past and seven right down. The lane box down. Eighteen sixers would trae young to just twenty one and be getting going. Meanwhile in the second quarter sixers to lead only to and be working on coin capello look at the strength to four point. Lead four minutes left in the nba. We'll fall away and beat eleven in the second quarter sixers up to the break third quarter sixers up by port time expiring and there was a moment in time one of the best way on the floor shake and look at hilton. He had fourteen points in fourteen minutes drills that one at the end of the third sixers up by seven fourth quarter believe is now seventeen and be still in the game that gives them forty for the night plus thirteen rebounds sixers one at one eighteen one zero two they even the series at one game apiece and after scoring the thirty nine and game one envied adding forty and game to the seventy-nine so far in this series second most in the first two games of playoff series in sixers history. And

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