A highlight from Ep 173: A Gouda Time Was Had By All with Georgia Clark



Know if you've got a pet like i do. I have a dog. You may be used to giving your dog or cat. A pill or spot drops that go on the back of their neck or using collars for flea and tick prevention. But the thing that most people don't know is that these products actually have harmful chemicals that can make pets sick. Well our sponsor wonder side is actually doing something about that. They have created safe plant based sprays that. Replace the need for commonly used flea and tick meds. Now wonder side is safe for the whole family and they come and really fantastic sense. They've got four cedar rosemary peppermint and a lemongrass. They all smell great. I have been using personally the cedar on my dog and she smells fantastic question. That always comes up with natural products. Does it actually work. And the answer is yes wonder. Side is proven to work to get rid of one hundred percent of fleas and ticks and they actually have the testing to prove it. You can check it all out on their website now going back to it being safe for the whole family. I actually know this for a fact. Because i accidentally washed my own hair with wonder sites oatmeal and honey shampoo bar. Yes you heard that right. That is a dog shampoo. That i used on my own head but the next day we gave her dog about the shampoo bar again and it was wonderful. It was so easy to soap her up. She smelled great. And i really really love that. It's gentle on my dog lucy's very sensitive skin and look. I'm going to be honest.

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