Starbucks Runs Short on Cups and Syrup as COVID-19 Eases


Is interesting, actually silly because you're going to mention Starbucks and a number of people online, including myself. Not happy because of the shortage you're going to be talking about. Yeah, because Starbucks is running short, um, on basics Coffee cups coffee syrups. And as the chain grinds back to full operations in the wake of Covid 19, there's a supply chain issue. So cake pops Cup stoppers. Mocha flavoring are among the items that have run out in many locations. And in some cases, actual coffee is running out. So Ted have you experiences Are you though it's the breakfast sandwiches? Well, that's the next thing on the list. The breakfast sandwiches and The Holy Grail. The egg bites are running out as Donna likes what I really like those Sufi day arts. I know they really are and everyone everyone loves us and those to the breakfast sandwiches and the egg bites are running out. So the company's actually pausing production in some of the several lower sales items, Obviously not breakfast sandwiches and egg bites. But things like cake pops and such like that they're not going to do. What they're concentrating on is getting all of their supplies back to normal on their shelves back up, and some items are temporary. They very store by store, but they've also now removed. It's oat milk. I know that's going to bother both of you and beverages made with the dairy substitute until it re socks. It's mandatory. So how do you milk and oat No kidding carefully. So let's so long story story. Your start your Starbucks shelves might might not be as full as anticipated. And this

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