Fox Hill Farm's Rick Porter, Successful Thoroughbred Owner, Dies at Age 80


Couple of news stories The announce the passing of reporter fox hill farm. I always feel strange. Like i don't like to do the eulogies for people that i didn't really know i mean i knew of reporter obviously know of his great successes in some of the incredible horses. He has but i always say st pick is better to listen to for the eulogies on on people in that sense because you know he just knows a lot of those people more than i do knows their history better than i do and so. I always think it's kind of a disservice to sit in for me to try to eulogize somebody who i don't know but certainly can remember his contributions to the sport and i saw a nice quote about larry jones talking. About what a great onery was to work with. I mean the list of horses he had particularly in the last. Fifteen or twenty years is is astounding. Songbird made almost five million dollars grade multiple grade. One winner hard-spun second derby won the king's bishop hob the grass hobday grace grade one winner on the woodward round pond distaff winner back in two thousand six beat agassi emperor who was actually decoy. That day Happy ticket below lemons forever spun sugar fleet that was the of course the tragic uh fleetingly and pine island race where they fell but Yeah i mean like i said. The list of horses that Mr porter campaigned through fox hill. Farm is pretty

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