A highlight from Part 2: Georges St. Pierre on the UFC, Overcoming Obstacles, and the Importance of Education (ACS June 16)


Be acting legend. George shane pierre. I'm a big fan. George thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me. Thank you followed your career big. Ufc fan. i'll just get our audience. Caught up a little on georgia. You have see record. Twenty six wins eight cao's six missions only two losses and and that's a big deal. It's twenty six and two as a boxer is pretty damn respectable but in the ufc. You know i've said it before. You have guys like tito ortiz in their legends and chuck ladele legends. And you know. This guys are sixteen. Eleven or something. I mean the you have c. Is not boxing. Yeah the differences in boxing. It's they tried to build up a someone the athlete records you know. So they to make him undefeated the sold. Most of the time and that the in boxing will fight guys that are not at his level in the beginning of his Career tomato cans. Let's say it is a a boxer. You if you if you shepherd him correctly you can get him to twenty and any fought nobody with over five hundred record. Meaning you know everyone needs fought is twelve and nineteen. That's right so in mma. It's a different story. Like my i i ever was in canada was against. The guy was Foreign at time. You're always Evenly match most of the time with someone that as a similar record than yours that the chance of failure are much bigger. And there's so many ways to lose. I mean if you're a boxer and you're just clearly a higher skilled boxer than your opponent than ninety percent chance you're gonna win the fight but you have c. One one take down and it could all be over one just crazy elbow. It could be over so the fact that You could put together twenty six and two is pretty damn amazing. Also a ufc records most wins in the afc welterweight division at nineteen must wins in the afc welterweight title fights. Twelve and Above i think there's a couple of other guys like dimitrius and john jones that can perennial printing all starts in that group so and also i should give a plug to the acting side. Which is the falcon and the winter soldier. Six episodes all six episodes available now on disney. Plus is where you can find that. We'll get into the acting. But i will go back with you so you grow up in outside of quebec yes. I grew up in the countryside. Small town of saint ts. And i'm very lucky. Because a few days ago they made a monument like rocky balboa. They made a to really. Yeah yeah a real size that through of of me and then then in in i would say this is not a city. It's a town of three thousand people so but they put it out there so people can go there and take picture of me i. It's like a real estate real of statue of me. Real size in fighting stance. Wow working at you. Yeah in browns so so. I was very touched by that. Because when you're you're fighting you always fight for ligasi and when you get older. I'm forty years old now and you're start thinking out. Can i leave my mark. You know. I mean not the selfish way but in a way that i'll can i do something to inspire people and this. That's if it's well taking care. It will be there before. I after after i die. Well perhaps it will inspire generation and you know be make them thing that a little guy from that town made it out against all odds and hopefully will will work out. I don't want to rain on your parade by if i know our society and canada well-wishing nineteen year old college. Students are going to find it. Problematic and four years and demand. It be taken down so enjoy it while you can so for you. You start off small town as far away from the limelight and the ufc and professional fighting as as you can get i I know your dad. I think trained in karate early on eventually move onto a karate coach and then you start to diversifying the grappling and boxing and everything else was it. Something you were kind of. You're right about the age so a lot of guys you talk to. That are older or sort of like the. Ufc didn't exist. When i was in high school playing football or whatever whatever it was but you're about the age where it kind of existed when you were younger. It start when i was a teenager but at first i've started karate because at school it was a victim of bullying at a lot of trouble at school. Instead of focusing on what the teacher was explaining in front of the class was mostly focusing. Our i'm going to get out of the room. Get to my locker. Pick up my book and reached a bus before i get beat up. So why why was that. I think it was a circumstances in my school. I'm from a little town but we had. I remember a program that was for the lincoln teenager at the time and most of these kids that was part of that program were much older than the other kids and Most of my friend. When i grew up are more intellectual person. I'm an athlete but my our intellectual person so when you're at school and you hang out with not cool people you you're not a cool person you know and I think it creates a lot of friction. Because i always had always been very proud and very often. My friend was getting picked on. And i was the one because i'm more athletic than a lot of them. I was trying to defend them. And it got me in trouble. So i i start karate as self-defense. Then the self defense became a passion because quickly it was the place were. I felt that i did something great. You know because. I wasn't good at school at the time Because of i was not focusing on the right thing and the only place where i could feel good and It was it was mentally. Make me feel like add. Value was in karate so i became very good at it and start collecting metal and so we became a passion and the passion later on became a business. And you know that's how it started so you know. I think that people don't talk about it enough it. It's important for kids to be good at something. It doesn't have to be school. That's right could be. The violin could be karate could be any sport because i was the same. I was a horrible student. And it's kind of interesting in that when you're a kid in your horrible student it just means you spend eight hours a day in the place that you're horrible like saying i'm a horrible swimmer. And they go. Will you spend eight hours a day in the swimming pool. How what's it gonna do to your psyche when you get older. If you're bad at stuff you just stay away from it and you don't go there. I agree with you. And and i think also this system is not made for everybody for for my personal experience. What someone that had big deficit of attention. So i cannot stay locked on something for a long time. I need. I need to get out and come back in my. My brain is going fast so i need you know like when you read a book remember. I read a book about the wright brothers. I wanted to know all day. They wanted to they start to think about how to make a plane you know. And i remember reading the book when it started by a beautiful Day of may the clothes was hanging on like this bothers me. Because that's not why i read the book. I want to ivan formation. Then later in the book tells you that they they found a pigeon that is dead. They put the electrode in and they see the wing going back and forth. That's former information so at school. It's like the book. There's a lot of things that you can scratch and go straight

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