Chris Ives: Meditations on the Trail


Suzanne on the trail meditations on the trail. Your books with wisdom have focused around the connection between nature and spirituality. And so i was thinking we could start with you know when full you because you've trained in zen tradition and you have this law of hiking and being in nature win for you. Did these to come together. I think it happened. Probably back when. I was in college in the nineteen seventies and started sittings ause in in many ways in the zone on the trail book partly. What i'm doing is not just thinking about hiking. In sort of a zen mode not just thinking about traditional religious pilgrimage relative. The backpacking is kind of pilgrimage. But in part what. I was doing in. That book is trying to get clear for myself in my late fifties early sixties. When i was working on the book what are the connections between my practice zan. From the time. I was a college student seventies. And what i do when i'm out hiking in part of that was thinking about how growing up as a kid in rural connecticut. The son of scoutmaster spending a lot of time with my brothers just playing in the woods with my dad and the boy scouts hiking. How my love of being out in the woods. Hiking fishing goofing around may have made me in a sense predisposed to resonate with certain aspects of zen when i first encountered the tradition as a college student and so partly what i was doing in the book is looking at how my upbringing my love of the woods of new england spending so much time outside may have had me resonate with zen and then going the other direction partly. What i'm doing in that book is thinking about how over the years my practice of zen might time in japan going to a lot of sacred mountains japan which usually involved hiking how that experience may have influenced how i hike later in life

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