A highlight from US President Joe Biden tackles domestic terrorism

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The biden administration is redefining. The terrorist threat pudding white extremism on par with al qaeda. Unfortunate that this comes after. Our capital was stormed but better late than never also today. An american father and son helped smuggle a wanted man out of japan in a box. That man was an executive with nissan. He's free in lebanon. The americans are back in japan facing jail. Time if a hollywood screenwriter pitched this i think a lot of people would say that's preposterous. There's no way. I'm marco werman and the acropolis may be facing twenty-first-century update a more accessible ancient marvel but some scholars argue there are right and wrong ways to make renovations meeting understand. What's going to happen to be the appropriate anymore. The stories are more today. Here on the world. I'm marco werman you're with the world. Thanks for being with us today. President biden is in europe this week. Trying hard to convince american allies. That democracy is strong and resilient as ever so we thought we start the show today at one of the most powerful symbols of democracy the acropolis in athens. How do you improve on something like that. Something that's almost perfect. you know. There's a metaphor in there somewhere. Well the greek government says the ancient ruins need a twenty first century update to be more accessible to anyone who wants to visit makes sense but the proposal to renovate this iconic site inevitably sparked controversy. The was lydia mentally. Do an athens starts us off today on a recent afternoon. Squeaky shoes and i the steps up to the acropolis it's also known as es does but across which means sacred rock

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