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Oh, taking a look at K s app. Oh traffic, The CHP has issued an alert for Livermore Westbound 5/80 Fallon Road. As police activity going on all lanes except the left lane is closed and traffic is crawling from Portola Avenue. It's affecting eastbound traffic as well because of all that police activity hop yard road is where you're going to see brake lights, and they start to ease up After Fallon wrote in Hayward. It's a crash with one car, blocking the third lane from the left the other ones over to the right hand shoulder. On a day Thurston before Tennison Road. Caltrans sweepers last seen on 80 southbound Oakland between 23rd Avenue and Davis Street there in the right lane and the right shoulder getting things nice and clean. San Jose. There's a two vehicle crash in the left lane on the Guadalupe Parkway Coton before Capitol Expressway. Also in San Jose. The Southtown 6 80 connector, empty northbound one is closed until three for emergency roadwork. With KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Ric Edelman, number one New York Times best selling author and founder of Edelman Financial Engines, takes questions on his radio show. Hi, Rick. I have

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