A highlight from The Return of the Evil Fat Melting Machine (oh no!) | Ft. Kevin Plachy and Zoja Falzone

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But every once in a while. I'll go doo doo. Doo doo doo. Guess no close jackson's good all right. I hope he's good. I hope my son is good in the other room. Do you think he's good in the other room. Do you think every every single time he's been in the other room he's been good interesting. Okay but good is subjective. So that means he's okay. Yeah we don't know what he's we don't know what he's doing phil he's indulging in. Do we ladies and gentlemen. What's that we. Why can't he kevin either go. Oh there and areas fresh welcome to our podcast troubleshooting on the fly. I mean you know kevin's move and it's hard to. It's hard to lock. kevin. Down truly is the biggest. We've had a lot of hurdles in our time here at the valley folk in one of the biggest hurdles. That i run into any time i say kevin you want to be on the podcast or hit kevin. You wanna do this other than all the amazing things you know. Yeah i normally don't want good. You're so nice and kind but straightforward and you. There's no wavering. You're like nope it's normally. I'm good is normally a quick decision to i. Don't even have to think about no. You don't and and i. This is the first of all this puck. Welcome the valley cast. And today's show is kevin's performance review on live without elliot without elliot no copious amounts we use some policy. Tone his spirit and What's that elliott. Oh no we can't say not now. We'll wait for you to. That's when we bring hr in Usually elliott's here. He's on tour right now. he went in. Yeah he's planes. He's put out his album. It's called rock till you cock which we did some troubleshooting on that as well And he still went with it one hundred percent. We gave him some gold. But whatever my on my favorite track is the one where he sings about There was the Because they you know it's all it's ambiguous the whole thing's a concept album right but the there was this. I guess i guess there was a girlfriend. He had that he's not being very he's being very vague about who it was but the but the track is very obviously about a girl and i think it's really emotional. It's like the most emotional thing elliott's ever done. I think i agree because it's usually so closed off and yet doesn't reveal anything comedy. It's comedy and sarcasm. And then he did his lake disgusting republican character for way too long and then and then he tapped into his musical side and it was like holy shit. This came out of no. I didn't really agree with the second half of the album when he just lifted the first half of bo burnham's respect. Yeah but you know what nobody seems to care because you know all the whole culture now is like literally just ripping every month off tick talks. Like i've seen tic talks. That are the same fucking tick talk with someone else doing it and no one cares yup. No one saying all that we would like to take this opportunity to drop our new single ours. serving usa. And we'll play a little bit. Anyways elliott spokane tacoma elliott. Here we want to hear a little bit of this joan. I singing serving usa. Doing the doodoo. that's us. that's both. We're both layering dude. Honestly that was a track for Bringing back sonic the hedgehog but it was like six and we got really far into development and they were like we need some midi tracks surfing level. Sonic hedgehog like this stocks never surfed poor but we got we have an idea sir and they were like. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have more music and sonic and i was like as a matter of fact we have a new track called. Wouldn't it be nice and here that i'm literally just diving. Wouldn't it be nice here.

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