A highlight from WHAT UP, SON? - 06 - 14 - 2021

Double Toasted


Jokes from the. Oh hope. I remember me. I messed it up a little while ago. Corporate allston teak. people think. I don't know how we up. are we out. Let me see we here. Are we back. I'll tell you what happened with a little bit and now with sound brought to you surround sound g. h. xl. But just any sound will do right now. Everybody how you doing. I'll tell you what happened a little bit. But i am korey. Coleman coleman coleman coleman komen sound to that now the way i can have sound. Got this pretty girl over here. Got this cute as dog. Hobie here but of course. We got the big dog himself over here. Like i say y'all known your loving you probably just saw with me not too long ago. How can you forget mr. He

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