A highlight from Local Hour: Salutatorian?


Now boy when he's rome the wiza- messier's send and break sounded worse. Each pirate radio with the scipion crew. We got wind in sales in. The sky is blue devil up knows so much work to to for the pirates radio. We've been swooning in here for a couple of days because we got a whiff of the vanity and perfection of jim lampley and we can't wait to play that interview for you because he is lending his name to that trailer fight club seventy two years old impossible. Polish wittingham was envying him in a way that was a combination of longing and jealous. I can't wait for you. Guys to hear from jim lambley thriller seventy two years old. But even the actually smells like it's got a great gloom right greg. Can you please mute your computer yourself or you. Do you wanna do not always fine. I think it actually be funny if like You know there's echoing zoom things makes it senior ten minutes later. We make fun of my dad walking. It could be somebody else so it could be like. I don't know gods or something like valley. i think it makes. It seem natural. I think it's a cologne. I've never heard of ford. It's definitely it's definitely french. You have to say it with like alberto la or something like that right. Yeah yeah you wanna play. Feazel fancy latin. Yeah i don't think so it's really there's one of two ways it goes. It's either like really expensive so they've never heard of or something that like. He started using like eight years old. But i feel like an eight year old. Jim lampley was going to school in suits anyway. So it's probably the same But on the poll guillermo was an eight year old. Jim lampley going to school in suits. Yes or no. There are people like that in sports. Right nancy for sure. Correct if it's not a suit it's absolutely you know khakis and boat shoes. I was side more to to that to that way where it's khakis boat shoes sweater tied around his neck stuff like that in the eighth grade. Yes at the end of every school year. He gave his tied his favorite the best graduate. He senior toria. Billy how do you feel. Thank you roy. That's a tough one. I got well. No that's up in the listen that is up to jim. Nance okay gymnasts decides. Who is the most valuable senior. Okay no one else. You're gonna do sausage fingers me with a pivot as if that's what you were trying to do there. And not that he s couldn't fight. What is this what is second place you know what second places for graduating high school senior if you don't get. Do you know what i place is do you. Even though we. I think we just mentioned it and i don't think first place. Mvs at most valuable senior at first. What's your first place. But you know what it is to finish in second place. What it's runner up runner up on graduating ours. Loser silver medal. all about. What do you think does he know. Chris does he no chance no jets just said it but he just he just wagged his fingers at us. The sausage fingers and we saying this is what i was trying to do and he does the kitty litter thing where he tries to cover up the lie. Lie after why. Why still do that at this point. What do you mean i mean. Try that you ask the question. I'm trying to give you an answer. In runner up second place usually right first places first place. They win and second places. The runner up the winning the best. Graduating senior is the valedictorian Why you spell it starts with two v.'s. Silent be at the beginning. Is that what it. Yeah of course everyone knows. What do you mean the v. victoria. It's

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