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Have a lot of questions. For ron mcgill this week. Let's start with a couple from yesterday. Ron thank you for making the time for us. I question if someone were indeed swallowed by a whale or in the mouth of a whale the way that someone from cape cod alleges. But billy questions the story. What would that feel like. What would that be like. Why doesn't it happen more often as their way to extract from that situation well. It doesn't happen more often because wales are not And these the baleen whales like he's talking about like humpback whale. The big whales do not feed on people That might have been just the whale playing for whatever the case may be if you're in the mouth of a whale there's really nothing that you can do. I don't think it's going to get you out of an off the well unless the whale wants to leash again from the description of what i heard this way all seemed to be playing with this guy grabbed his guy and all of sudden kind of reached the surface and through the guy up into water and gave him a little bit of a ride. A bit of a scare dislocated his knee. If that whale wanted to hurt him it would have hurt him I think he just looked at him as a playful so again. Very very rare I've known many people in waters in the water with lots of baleen whales humpback whales minke whale. That never had anything like that happen. I think it's a a handful of occurrences over reported district's but hypothetically if you found yourself in this spot and i'm not really trying to be ridiculous here would would you suggest that somebody kind of curl up and try to protect themselves or would you suggest maybe just start flailing trying to punch things trying to pinch them. Make them throw up. You wanna make the whale throw up. You're not gonna make the world throw understand your size and a standard size of the whale. The job on a loan is quite twice your body. You're in the mouth of the whale. You're gonna be flailing screaming as much. You can't because you're underwater. Unless you got snoopy thank god and you have your regulator in your mouth. You're not breathing. You have very limited time so i'd be panicking screaming. Do whatever the heck again pinch grabbed. Ailing exactly yes. That's what i would be doing because your unwanted you can't breathe okay this things grab you if you're in the mouth of it's well as you your debt. That's it's not pinocchio okay so if it's wall as you you're dead but the best thing was going to release you and you'll be flailing. You can't none of this play debts. Not because then you're going to be deck. Jessica was saying yesterday that she does not believe that we are the smartest in the animal kingdom that humans are not the smartest necessarily. What say you run mcgill You know it all depends on a person's description of intelligence Have set for years on this. Show that i think a lot of the stations dolphin. Bottlenose dolphins ransoms have an incredible amount of intelligence saint being with elephants And when you look at the brain size parrot to their body size. It is very similar to humans In some cases bigger than humans. Bigger brains so. I think you know apples to apples. Yes there are maybe an animal a two that are more intelligent and their capacity to do things with their brains. Binion's iran we invented net flicks. The question it's an accident. How many animals have a net flicks or even a who or an iphone or hover boards or any of that one's last time at dolphin made breaded chicken. Yeah how many how many animals could how many human beings could swim underwater with nothing else and be able to find things use radar to find things. find bombs for that matter find torpedoes find submarines for that matter that anytime equipment. How many animals. How many human beings can go up to a human being and smell them and say you have cancer or you have this you have that. How many how many human beings can do that. Okay again is respected. but you're describing physical capability. Yeah now we understand. We don't have radar abilities. No we did run. We built radar so we can do it ourselves. We understand our limitations and we overcome them because of the power of the human spirit. Okay we can agree to disagree on that again. I'm saying that intelligence is subjective. you talking about. It's just being able to create things or being able to sit by the brain capacity of the brains. Do things i think in many animals stronger than humans barma. That's it. i mean what i watched. I watched the riot fans. Take a piece of wire and pick a lock right. So don't don't think there were all that. Were not all that. I agree with you ron. I think you're making great points. I think that this crew tends to judge other animals based off of human standards. Like can you invent net flicks and we don't judge animals on animal standards like oh. Can you camouflage yourself to hide from predators. That's something humans can't do but we don't consider that something intelligent. We just try to compare apples to oranges like you said. I think it's all a matter of survival. I think that You know you can put an animal and human being in a pretty much. Devastating situation and many animals will think human beings and being able to survive that situation. Let him know the second part of the great point you made about the genius squid society that lives deep down modem of the ocean. Yes richard incredible. I mean all those animals are unbelievable. Think about what they can change color that can camouflaging it's incredible guys. We don't know more than we know about these atoms. And that's that's the point of charter make. It's a fine point. You also compared picking a lock to putting someone on the moon consumers. Use keys though. Camouflage it's criminal behavior in versus. I'm just saying you guys are oversimplifying intelligence. I think that what when i was talking about insult. I'm talking about the capability of the brains. Do things okay. Now yes okay. We can figure out how to send man's of the moon but in survival ways you know what if you get a guy who designed a computer can send a guy to the moon and you got to put them in a place where there is no food water. Can't find anything and you have an animal that knows how to find it. What would you rather be rather be the guy who knows how to the computer or draft. Be the guy the animal that knows that it's fair enough. But if i have a brain problem i'd rather be a human being doing the surgery then import fees if i have a problem and i need to continue to survive in a different point because i don't want to put it on the poll bill which you let a shark operate on you. I think dance getting ridiculous ridiculous conversation. Ron is correct. And i am correct for the record because ron and i are in agreement. Giant squids very smart. We are the smartest people on earth. And we're the smartest things on our just because we invented net flicks the breaded chicken though. I think that statement alone tends to validate my point. billy. Don't you have an assortment of questions from ron mcgill. You said you were ready for him today while no i've been just writing down johnny. Nothing's wrong how do we know. Turtles are actually two hundred years old because a lot of people tell us. These turtles are two hundred years old. And like sometimes i forget how old i am and i know that no human lives to be two hundred years old. I lose my parking validations. So how are we actually keeping track of the age of turtles. Well as unsung turtles dislike you. Look at the rings on a tree. Okay if you cut the trunk of a tree count. The rings turtles have the same rings on excuse so they can canada. Doesn't it get sold. Those rings get worn down. It's kinda worn which it's almost impossible to count them but we do have records of turtles that we know they hatched and they're still alive a hundred and fifty years later so we know where they live at least one hundred fifty years because we have documented when they had now and we've cheerful them. I know they're still alive today. But again. to your first question you can count the rings on the skewed of some turtles and just like the rings on a tree. We'll tell you the age of the triple a ron in the tampa zoo. A southern white rhino baby was just born. How valuable is the role of zoos in growing species from from near extinction or endangerment to A healthy status greg. I'm going to be realized. Zoos service insurance policy against a very uncertain future in the while having said that. I don't wanna come across people saying oh. We have these animals zoos a week and release them back wild because that rarely happens very rarely happens. Only a handful of animals a california condor rabi an oryx blackwood various you know have been successfully. Leased back in the wild with the species has been saved by suits but having said that by readings animals in in him like you saying captivity in wine which matter samantha but the bottom line is by breeding them on human care.

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